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5 Reasons Why Truemessenger Should Replace Your Messaging App

After Truedialer, True Software takes the next logical step with the launch of Truemessenger, an app exclusive to India, which will benefit from extensive database of Truecaller and has great potential for runaway success. A few reasons why.


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Spam Blocking

This part of the world is in dire need for SMS spam blocking. Only people who send me SMS anymore are spammers and services, and if that wasn’t enough, WhatsApp Spam is on the rise more than ever before. Truemesseger uses smart region based filters and declutters spam messages without bothering you.


Identify unknown senders

As mentioned before, the app will benefit from immense database Truecaller and Truedaller have amassed from user contact books and will help display usernames even for unlisted contacts. This is again something unique to this app.

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Its free

Even WhatsApp waves off its yearly fee for those who don’t have access to credit card in India, but Tuemessenger is free for all and there are no interfering ads either.

Clean Inbox

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The app stores all spam messages in a separate spam section, thus resultingin clutter free and more organized inbox. This also reduces spring cleaning time which we have to devote every few weeks to clear spam messages hogging precious native storage. You can also set a message limit from settings, after which messages will be automatically deleted.

Bonus TipLong tap a message to directly add it to clipboard

Add Smiley Keyboard


You can also add smiley keyboard from the settings and use Google Hangout like smileys for better expressing yourself, whenever you communicate using the app.


Truemessenger is a great app to replace your default messenger. Its greatest highlight remains the SMS spam blocking, which is indeed a necessity in India. Would you have liked internet based messaging integrated within same app?


Deepak Singh

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