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5 Ways to Avoid Heating Up Phone While Charging

Smartphones these days come with pretty good battery life, but you will definitely have to charge them every now and then. Some smartphones require you to charge them a couple of times a day, or sometimes a couple of times a week, there’s no escaping from the charging scenario. Also, you might have noticed that when you charge your smartphone, it gets heated up pretty easily. You should avoid that with your smartphone and here are a few ways to help you avoid heating up of your smartphone.

When a smartphone heats up, it can easily damage the parts inside the phone including the display and the battery. It is always good to let them run at room temperatures, and if it heats up stop using that very second and give it time to cool down before picking it up again. Doing so will help you enhance the life of your smartphone and its battery significantly.

Avoid using your phone while it’s charging


One of the most common reasons for heating up of smartphones during a charge cycle is their continuous use. If you continue to use your smartphone while it is being charged, it can allow the smartphone to heat up a lot and prevent you from using it because it’s too hot. This problem occurs because when you start using your phone, it uses up the battery and the battery is then charged and discharged at the same time.

Put phone into Flight Mode or Turn Off when charging


If you’re putting your phone for a charge at night and you expect no calls or important messages to come through, you can simply put your phone on flight mode. Doing so will help your phone to charge a bit quicker because it will not use its battery in searching and connecting to mobile networks. Even when in flight mode, it may consume little battery and heat up a bit. If you still feel the heating issue, you can simply power off your device and then put it to charge. But with the modern smartphones, when you turn them off, they won’t turn on when your alarm goes off. It will disable all the functions of the smartphone and is only recommended if you don’t need any feature active.

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Use a charger with lesser power


If your phone is of the kind that supports QUALCOMM’s Quick Charging, it is highly probable that your phone manufacturer shipped your phone with a Quick charger, which basically supplies higher current and voltage to your smartphone in order to charge it at a rapid rate. If you’re in a hurry, this feature is really helpful but if you are charging your phone overnight and don’t really care for a quick charge, you should consider using a non-quick charger as it will not heat your phone up and allow a slow charge to your device.

Use a different charging cable

There can be instances when you use the exact same cable and charger for your device that you used to earlier, but now your phone starts heating up. In such a situation, we can assume that the charging cable (USB Cable) that you use to connect your phone to your charger is malfunctioning. To be sure that there is a problem with the cable, you should borrow a friend’s cable and check if your phone heats up with that as well or not. If it does, consider on of the other options that we have listed in this article but if it does not, you know where the problem lies.

Check for unwanted Applications installed on your phone


Certain battery-sucking applications can be installed on your smartphone, by mistake or intentionally by someone else. These apps not only cause your phone to heat up when it’s charging but also heat up during regular usage a lot. If you feel that problem, it is probably because of one of such app and you should check Android’s running apps list that will help you decide which app is causing this problem.

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In the article above, I’ve shared a lot of ways using which you can avoid getting your phone heated up while it’s charging. There are a lot more things that you can do to avoid such a situation. If you know of or follow any specific tips to avoid your smartphone from heating, do share them with us in the comments section below. I will be happy to include it in my list next time, or update this one for that matter.


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