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5 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Taking Too Long To Charge

It is often seen that manufacturers neglect batteries while making smartphones in order to maintain the cost of the device. In the recent times, the amount of battery that the apps have started to consume has increased drastically. With that, the users are left running for a charger and then there are times when your phone doesn’t charge. In this article we are going to talk about similar situations and their reasons behind your smartphone taking too long to charging fully.


Charger’s Output Current

It’s best if you charge your phone with the charger that came in with your phone but incase you lost or damaged it, its necessary to see to it that the new charger has the exact same output current as the old one. Less or more current may deteriorate your battery life and meaning that your battery won’t last for a longer time. It’s the same reason why it usually takes longer time to charge your device using the USB port from your laptop.

A Damaged USB Cable

9 out of 10 times it’s a faulty USB cable which causes delays in charging the phone. Just incase you’ve been worrying about the battery, make sure you try changing your USB cable even if it functions nicely at other tasks. Sometimes it’s a better option to buy a charger with non removable cable which happens to be a much more convenient and reliable option.

A Damaged USB Port

This is a hardware issue and hence there is no permanent solution to it on a user level. But you can try a few options which are at your hand like blowing out the dust from the USB port with a dryer so that all the pins work fine. Also check both the ends of the cable as well as your charger to see that they are working fine.


Weak Battery

If it has been more than a few years and you are facing this issue then it is likely that your smartphone’s battery has deteriorated. And there’s only one solution to it. A new one! The li-ion battery have a life cycle of approximately 5-6 years at minimum but sometimes due to inappropriate use it might lead to issues with the battery and hence it is necessary that you take proper care of the battery.

Over Charging

Many a times we put the phone on charging even when its on 70% and then remove it after 5-7 hours this kind of usage often leads to overcharging if you’re using a non-branded charger with no circuit to prevent overcharging. In such cases you should buy a new charger with overcharging protection circuit and then change your charging habits too.

Well, that’s the five most probable reasons why your smartphone is taking too long to charge. Here’s another tip from us in order to extend the life of your battery, once a month let it discharge completely. It ensures a constant charge-discharge cycle. Have got any questions about smartphone batteries? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.


Abhinav Singh

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