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Huawei Google Nexus Imported in India For Testing

With the anticipated release of Google's next generation of products later this month, leaks of specs are surfacing and the latest is a leaked benchmark test result of what is believed to be the Huawei's Nexus variant, known as the Angler. 

Running on the latest Android Marshmallow 6.0, the device will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with a clock speed of 1.55 GHz and come with 3 GB of RAM. The benchmarks listing via Mydrivers are in line with previous leaks which reaffirm our suspicions.

Huawei Angler

Another leak that surfaced was the import of the device into India for testing purposes which gives us reason to believe that the India could be receiving the device a lot sooner than we'd hoped. A snippet of the records show the Huawei device with specifications that lean strongly towards what we already know about it.

Huawei Nexus


The Huawei Nexus is also expected to come with 64 GB of internal storage with a 5.7 inches display that will include speakers on the front and also feature the new reversible USB Type-C ports. There's good reason to believe the Nexus will feature a Fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone below the camera, like in the Huawei Mate S

The Huawei Mate S

The Huawei Mate S

Both the LG Nexus variant a.k.a Nexus 5X and the Huawei Nexus smartphones are believed to be available for pre-order from October 13, two weeks after the rumoured launch on September 29. We expect the phone to start shipping anywhere from a week to 3 weeks after the pre-orders commence.

While some of these speculations are based on information revealed by sources over a period of time, we can only wait for the official launch from Google. Eagerly awaited, aside from the devices themselves, is the latest Android OS Marshmallow v6.0 which has a host of new features that include granular app permissions, Now on Tap, custom Chrome tabs, better handling of Web links (to name a few) and with the Material design approach, a better user experience.

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