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5 Reasons Why You May Need A Cellphone Signal Booster

Do you often experience issues like low signals, call drops, slow internet, dead signals or cracking voice? You must have noticed many signal fluctuations in your smartphone while moving around places, inside a building or at a concert.



There are many reasons behind such signal issues and we have a solution for you as well. Have you tried signal boosters? They help your network signals reach you by removing the hurdles that stop your cell phone signals from reaching your receiver. If you don’t want to run around with your hand half way up in the air, searching for a signal bar in your phone, it’s time you got yourself a signal booster.

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What are Signal Boosters?

Signal boosters are the devices which amplify a weak telephone signal outside to provide a strong telephone signal in an area where there is a signal issue. In other words, a Signal booster has the ability to grasp the weak signal, convert it into a strong signal and emit around the area where you install it.

boosterWhy You Need Signal Boosters?

Fluctuating signal strength

You might have a strong signal as you walk through the main floor, but the cell phone drops reception as soon as you enter the basement. If this happens, you likely have cell phone towers strong enough to support certain areas of your building, but the signal is lost due to interference from another reason, including your floor plan or building layout.

Too Many Cellphone Users

Just as you may have seen a cellular signal drop during big sports games or other events, the more people trying to receive signals from a wireless tower, the slower the download speed becomes and more dropped calls occur. If you work in a highly occupied building, the standard signal, from the local wireless towers may not support your building’s demand for cellular reception.

Building Structure

Some building layouts are designed in such a way that the optimal cell phone reception does not reach throughout the floor plan. This issue is most commonly experienced in buildings having solid, thick walls and framework, congested office spaces, and many electronic devices. Buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, office complexes, event centers are buildings with a weaker cell phone reception than most, due to their integral structuring.

Interference Caused By Surrounding Objects

While cell signal passes through the air, every object that comes between the tower and your mobile device meets some degree of interference.  These can include different metals, wire mesh, insulation materials, water, trees and plants, piping, etc. Additionally, the increased use of energy efficient products, such as radiant barriers and window tinting, add up to the degree of cell phone reception problems in homes and offices.


Distance From Closest Network Tower

Carriers provide cellular coverage through a network of strategically placed cellular towers. Ideally, whenever you’re within this coverage, your mobile device will automatically connect to the closest tower, and as you move, will continue hopping to the next closest tower.

In the areas with a distant cellular tower, a huge fluctuation has been noticed, which results in creating a Deadzone, where the signal possibility is the lowest. You’ll reach a point where your mobile device is too far from the tower to maintain a consistent connection, and you’ll experience low signal issues.

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Are Signal Boosters Safe ?

As per the test conducted, the emitted power of signal booster is small, and if you have made up your mind of having amplifiers and repeaters in your office then they won’t make much difference. But yes they will make the signal better for your smartphone but other the other hand they are designed for phones and has been tested before they are allowed to be used. Even some research says

Can You Buy Signal Booster in India

Yes, you can buy signal booster in india, make sure to talk to the corporate division of the cellphone provider they can supply you one and get it installed in your office or home. Also you need to have minimum 15-20 users in that area using the same network. There are some options on Amazon and Flipkart you can consider these. Check Open Signal to check signal strength around your area and find out if you need a signal booster or not.

Call Drops and Bad Signal in India

As per the current reports, cities like Mumbai and Delhi has much higher call drops then prescribed limits. So as per Trai – “One option to provide relief to such consumers could be to mandate that any call which gets dropped within five seconds would not be charged.”

We expect things to get better as we proceed with time, but till then you can buy these signal boosters and the solve the cellphone signal drop, call drops etc at your home or office.

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You must have understood the reasons behind a bad network coverage on your smartphone. A signal booster is always a smart and dependable option when you need to improve the cell phone signals around you.



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