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5 Best Pop Up Video Players for Android, Pros and Cons

Whether you intend to or not, it's quite likely that you will watch a lot of video content on your smartphone. They could be viewed online on a site like YouTube or shared by your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp or any of the other messaging services and are stored on your device.

What Android users would complain about is how multi-tasking comes to a halt when watching videos on your device; for example, editing docs, sending SMS, creating alarms, etc require you to first stop the video that you are playing, minimize the video player window and then proceed.

Not anymore! We have chosen 5 of the best Pop-up video players out there so that you can enjoy your favorite videos with a hassle-free experience.


DicePlayer app logo

DicePlayer is one of the really useful video player having Pop-up play(background playback / floating feature playback) support. The application have HW Accelerated Video Player (up to x2.0) with Playback pace control and Network support. In this way, you can watch online and offline videos at floating window with no issue.

Additionally, DicePlayer accompanies assembled in backing for numerous sound tracks and different subtitle tracks, MKV/MP4 inbuilt subtitle support,etc.

DicePlayer app pic2Pros

  • Popup Play
  • Network Support : Windows Share / FTP / HTTP / WebDAV
  • Multiple audio track
  • Multiple subtitle track : external sub also supported.


  • Video capability depends on your devices HW video decodes' capability.


GPlayer (Super Video Floating)

GPlayer app logo

GPlayer, prior known as Super Video Floating is another creative video playback app for Android OS. It can re-size, move window, multi-windows play-back with Group Media Sharing component. Better operation experience, bolster subtitle and popup feature system. In a layman's words, you can watch your favorite videos and do something else on your Android gadget in the meantime.

GPlayer app pic2

You can enjoy upto 6 videos at same time. It is not a basic popup/sticky video player, it has a cordial and basically client interface with List style, Grid style and 3D Gallery Flow style.

You can customize the app theme as per your desire.


  • Group Media Sharing allows the devices within same network to share the media files.
  • User friendly & simple UI with List style, Grid style and 3D Gallery Flow style.


  • Limited features for free version.


FVPlayer – Floating Video Player


FVPlayer supports popup video playback feature. You can enjoy your favorite videos while searching the web, composing your email, or utilizing whatever other application on your tablet or smartphone.

FVPlayer pic2

Lets say you are stuck in a level of your most loved action game. Furthermore, you have a video walk through, with FVPlayer you can watch the video and at the same time cross the level. You can read your important work documents while watching videos simultaneously. The window being resizable additionally minimizable, makes this possible.


  • You can use the proximity sensor to play/pause anytime.
  • Ability to set the initial launch width and height of the video


  • Performance capability depends on device's processor.
  • Only supports those formats which are playable with default android video player(.3gp,.mp4)



BSPlayer app logo

BSPlayer is the most effective video player for Android smartphones. The application accompanies top hardware acceleration function which expands speed of video playback while diminishing the battery usage. It supports multi-core HW interpreting to essentially enhance video playback speed.

BSPlayer app pic2

BSPlayer gives components of all other video players. It is compatible with all media files, stream video from web, external subtitles (ssa/ass, srt, sub, txt), playlist bolster, playback features specifically from RAR records, and so on.


  • Playback files directly from uncompressed RAR files.
  • Hardware accelerated video playback.


  • Hardware accelerated playback in portrait mode may be corrupted on some HTC models.
  • Zoom/stretch may not work on all video types.



FloatTube app logo

FloatTube is probably one of the best app that lets you enjoy YouTube videos with screen off. Super user-friendly, only problem is that once you start the video in background it won't let you go back to the video, you have to stop and reload it if you want to do anything with it.

FloatTube app pic2


  • Let's you find YouTube videos category wise.
  • Background video playback capability.


  • Crashes more often.
  • Some users have reported issues with splash screen.

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Floating & Popup Video Players are extraordinarily useful on the off chance that you need to watch videos while messaging to your friends, scanning web of doing whatever other task. However, it is a well known fact that Popup video players consume more memory resources and may affect the performance of your device but that's a trade-off that you would be willing to make.

Have you tried any of these video players before? Do share your views and experiences with us in the comments section.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.