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5 Best External Phone Selfie Flash in India

Between the cameras and image processing becoming ever so powerful on our smartphones, selfies are all the rage right now. However, we’ve all encountered those low-light scenarios where the picture quality left much to be desired. Addressing that particular problem is the Selfie-flash and here is a look at some of the top 5 products that we came across:


Iblazr’s products seem to be the most enticing value in this roundup. The Original Iblazr, as it’s now referred to on their website, is a standalone, pocketable cuboid with four LEDs in its frame that comes in two colors – black or white. It houses its own battery so it doesn’t need to live off your phone’s battery and can be connected to your phone’s headphone jack. That battery can provide up to 500 flashes or a total of 3 hours of illumination. Furthermore, the product also promises a no-red-eye feature and comes with a free app. The brightness of the Iblazr is adjustable and it can serve as a table lamp or even a light source for a DSLR.


The in-box accessories include a USB charger, a cold shoe mount (a stand to turn the Iblazr into a standalone light source) and a silicon diffuser. The Iblazr can be yours for INR 1,995 with an aluminium variant available for INR 2,995.

Iblazr 2

Building on the features of its forerunner, the Iblazr 2 is, essentially, a smarter version of the Iblazr. This time around, the Iblazr 2 supports a custom illumination setting (between warm and cool) and a 20% higher maximum illumination. The Iblazr 2 now communicates directly with your phone’s camera app over Bluetooth 4.0.


Apart from the silicon diffuser and the USB charger, it comes with a mount clip and a key clasp as a part of the accessories included in the box. The IBlazr 2 retails for INR 2,995 after a 17% discount.

Note: Price offers are subject to change, we cant control that.

Fotonica 16 LED Selfie Flash


The Fotonica is, in our opinion, the best value for the price-conscious customer looking to buy a selfie flash. The Fotonica is powered by 16 LEDs and it holds a 300 mAh battery that powers the unit. These LEDs are a mixture of warm and cool that can illuminate the scene appropriately; they can be turned on using a switch to the side of the device. It plugs in to your phone’s headphone jack but does not use it as a power source. To that end, a USB charger is available in the box. To round up, a 6-month warranty is also included and it retails for INR 399.

CM Selfie Flash


The CM Selfie Flash Light is a rehashed version of the Fotonica with a feature-set that is almost identical to the Fotonica. The only difference is in pricing and that the CM Selfie Flash Light lacks the warranty the Fotonica sported. The CM Flash Selfie will set you back INR 420.

Fotonica 51 LED Selfie Flash


This Selfie Flash is just a bigger version of Fotonica’s previous solution with 51 LEDs as compared to 16 on the previous product. The dynamics and functionality of this flash is exactly the same – a battery supported, LED based assembly that can give up to an hour of continuous use and can be used independent of your phone. The 51 LED flash will cost you INR 1,599.

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We think the Iblazr is the product best suited to a general audience looking for a selfie flash. For users on a budget, the Fotonica 16 LED Flash is the best pick for a no-frills selfie flash. Happy snapping and let us know through comments which one suits the berse

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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