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Honor Brand Story So Far, Is It Good or Bad?

Huawei has spent enough time in the international market for making network equipments. The company has made a breakthrough entry into the smartphone market with its independent smartphone brand called Honor. Honor made its entry in in October 2014 with Flipkart in India. Honor recently celebrated its One year anniversary in the market. The success of Honor products like Honor 4X, Honor 6 plus aside some other, has reinforced the company’s commitment. As the tagline goes Honor- For the brave, it was a pretty brave move to reach out and try selling the idea in such a mature smartphone market like India, with fierce competition.

Honor Brand Story

The Honor’s capability lies in its quality, ability to innovate and each of the products are a result of extensive research and development.Honor is looking at putting concerted efforts towards understanding the best and exclusive marketing model for each of its focus markets, so that it could best cater to the customers in these markets. Huawei is an old player in making network hardware and they know how to speed up the lives of their consumers and put the best networking equipments to make their devices future ready. As, we know the future will rely on the ability to handle speed.

Honor believes the world would be a better place if each of us knew and nurtured our own greatest strength. It is committed to being a global leading digital brand for the mobile generation. It is a brand for users who have grown up in the Internet era and take positive attitudes towards life and is hence a brand ‘for the brave’. It is clearly aimed at a specific customer whom the company calls digital natives. Honor has been focused on delivering top-end specs in an affordable handset, ideal for the student and young worker crowds. All the Honor products enjoy global aesthetics, super processing technology and massive patent support.

Earlier this year, Honor also announced the launch of their an online platform for consumers to get a first-hand understanding of Honor smartphones and also share their brave stories. Honor also launched the India Honor Twitter and Facebook pages to connect with the young digital natives in India. This happens to be a cool move by the company, this puts a life to the brand and makes it more familiar to its customers.

Going forward, the Honor’s focus will continue to be on emerging markets with India as its priority market. This testament came with the set up of a Research & Development center in Bangalore, which accommodates up to 3000 engineers. This is a result of an investment over US$ 170 million (Rs. 1051 crores approx.). The R&D center plays a key role in component development and delivery center of Huawei for the global markets and has ownership of almost all software platforms, components and products being developed in India. Additionally, the company has set up a Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC) in Bangalore, first GNOC outside of China, which is functional in providing various facilities, technologies , applications, and resources for global managed services.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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