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Honor 7 Pictorial Quick Review

One of Huawei’s offerings, the Honor 7, is a powerhouse of design put into an affordable smartphone. Honor is a brand owned by Huawei, and they offer budget ranged devices under this brand. Huawei has done this probably so as to not affect their “premium brand” image under their own Huawei name. Under their premium brand name, they launched the Huawei Nexus 6P this year along with Google, which has received a very great response from the users. Anyway, moving towards the Honor 7’s pictorial review, here we go.


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The Honor 7 features a 5.2 inch Full HD IPS-LCD screen, which provides a sharp, bright display to the user. The display of the phone lies in the comfort zone for a lot of people. Anything bigger than the 5.2-inch screen on this phone, people start to call the device a phablet. The display packs about 424 pixels per inch (424 ppi) on the screen, which ensures that the device provides a crisp/sharp display. Also, the display takes up about 72% of the front of the phone, which ensures a great screen to body ratio.

Front and Back


The front of the device obviously features the gorgeous 5.2-inch display that I just talked about. Along with the display, we get an 8 MP camera on the front of the device, along with an LED flash. They are placed on the left and right of the earpiece, respectively, on the top of the device. The device has very narrow bezels around the screen, which allow it to be in a compact Form Factor even with a 5.2-inch display.



The back of the device features a complete metallic build, which gives the phone its premium feel. At the top on the back, you’ll find a 20 MP camera along with a dual tone LED flash. Just underneath the camera and the flash, you’ll find the Fingerprint scanner, which is really fast. The placement of the fingerprint sensor might seem odd to you, but you get used to it pretty easily and it doesn’t feel odd anymore. The rest of the back is just the matte metal build we talked about with a simple Honor branding in the center.



The top of the phone contains the 3.5mm headphone jack, a microphone for noise cancelation and an IR blaster on the other side. The IR blaster will help you control your other gadgets that work with it. Other than these 3 things, the top of the device is again a metal build.


The bottom of the phone features MicroUSB port for data transfer and charging along with a pair of speakers. These speakers output good music for the price that this phone is offered at. And again, the rest of the bottom is a complete metal build. It adds to the premium feel of the device.


The right side of the device features the volume rocker at the top and a good tactile feeling power button just underneath it. Both the buttons are built with metal finish, which give it a good look overall.


The left side of the device features the SIM tray, which holds either 2 nano sim cards or 1 nano SIM card and 1 MicroSD card. The version sold in India is a single SIM variant and the hence the other slot is able to hold 1 MicroSD card. Just underneath the SIM tray, there is a Smart button, so to say. The button is software customizable and can be assigned up to three different functions. A function on click, one for a double click and finally one for a long press.

User Interface

The Honor 7 is powered by a custom ROM from Honor based on the Android 5.0 Lollipop version. The Marshmallow upgrade for the device is expected to launch soon. The User Interface on the device is super clean. Here are a few screenshots from various sections of the device.

Screenshot_2015-10-16-09-01-34 Screenshot_2015-10-16-09-01-28 Screenshot_2015-10-16-09-01-08 Screenshot_2015-10-16-09-00-52

The notification tray on the device is pretty interesting as well. Here is a screenshot of the same, where you can see that clean interface in action, even on the notification tray.



All in all, the Honor 7 is a powerful phone, which is built like a premium device, but offered at a cheap price point. The all metallic build of the device really makes it a premium device. The specifications of the device are also pretty good for the price at which it is offered.


Aneesh Bhatnagar

Aneesh Bhatnagar is a freelance web developer, who specializes in front-end website development with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. He is also an Android enthusiast, and a budding Android Application developer.