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Cube26 IOTA Lite Review, A Worthy and Feature Packed Smartbulb

Say hello to future. You may not find cars flying around you but many other evolutions are taking place over a period of time. We have seen phones, television and refrigerators getting smarter, but now the time has come when the lights and bulbs around you have become smart too. You can now buy bulbs that can be controlled with your smartphone, that can change colours at will, and that are more energy efficient than the ordinary bulbs we have been using so far.


We have seen smart bulbs from big brands like Philips with great features but not everyone can afford a bulb that costs 4K with the without a set up. In a situation like this Cube26 Iota Lite comes to the rescue. Cube 26 is an Indian startup that has come up with their first product called the IOTA Lite which costs just INR 1,499. We got our hands on the smart bulb and here is what we feel after using the product.

Cube26 IOTA Lite Specifications

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Cube26 IOTA Lite Smart Bulb Unboxing and Hands on Review [Video]

Cube26 IOTA Lite Features

We have seen many smartbulbs offering great features that can change the perspective of how you look at smartbulbs. The new IOTA Lite also has the best features and performs equally well with each of them. The IOTA Lite can do a lot of impressive possessions to illuminate your surrounding with 16 million colours.

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  • Adjust the brightness and colour using smartphone app
  • It offers 16M colours to choose from
  • LED technology: reduce one tenth energy of normal bulbs
  • Up to 15000 hours of lifespan
  • You can connect up to 10 bulbs at same time in one app.
  • Turn on and off direct from smartphone
  • It offers different light modes like party, candle, reading etc
  • Set custom notification effects
  • Your smartphone must have Android v4.0 or above or an App store on iPhone.

We are thoroughly satisfied with the features it offers at this price point, as we do not have any other competitor which offers such great features under this price range. Many other smart bulbs offer some extra features on top of these but the price difference between the two makes IOTA Lite a smart choice anyday.


Setting up IOTA Lite is Child’s Play

Before you make any assumptions about how tricky is to set up a bulb that is operated by a smartphone, I must tell you that the IOTA Lite works just like a normal bulb. You need to attach it to a smart holder included in the package and then light it up. To use the smart features of the bulb you need to follow some easy steps:


  • Before you start fixing your bulb, make sure you have the IOTA Lite app installed on your smartphone. The app takes around 6 MB of your phone’s storage.
  • Fix the smart holder under the bulb, which conducts 250V-3A of charge.
  • After fixing the smart holder, now you can use the same socket used with your typical light bulb.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Open the IOTA Lite app, and search the bulb by tapping on the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen
  • Once you have found the IOTA Lite bulb, select the bulb you want to control, and that’s it.

Isn’t this very easy?

IOTA Lite App and Response

Using the IOTA Lite app, you can easily add, control and customize the colour and intensity of ten light bulbs individually. This can simply be turning the lights on/off, or changing the lights according to your mood. It can sync your favorite music track with the lighting effects, and also notify you when someone calls you or sends you a SMS.

Screenshot_20151106-125159 Screenshot_20151106-125211

The interface of the app was user friendly and it hardly took us few minutes to learn how to use all the app features and options. The only issue we faced was in the music mode where we were unable to play the music in our library and it redirected us to download a third party app. We downloaded the third party app but it was still not able to detect the music files in the phone.  Rest all the features worked perfectly and the app response and usability were good.

The Good Points


  • There is a lot to like about the IOTA Lite smart bulb, but some of the qualities that make it stand out are:
  • Great value for money, one of a kind product.
  • App is responsive and Quick
  • Energy Efficient
  • 15000 hours of claimed lifespan
  • Easy to fix and use
  • Does not break easily
  • 500 Lumens of brightness is good enough for a small room

The Shortcomings

  • Music mode feels incomplete and unfinished
  • The light effects in music mode does not match the rhythm
  • App fails to detect and pair the bulb in some cases

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The IOTA Lite will definitely change the way your home looked and will surely awe your guests at the very first impression. It is a great buy to make your rooms look bright, colourful and lively. At a price point of 1,499 it is the best deal currently available for the buyers. The app works fine but some fixes need to be done in the unfinished areas. We can hope for more amazing products from Cube26 in future with necessary improvements and useful innovations.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.