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Why Bezel Less Smartphones Are Weaker, How To Protect & Fix

Why Bezel Less Smartphones Are Weaker Than Regular Phones? How To Protect Them, You will also get to know why low screen to body ratio is preferred by phone manufacturers.

Smartphones today are not what they were some years back and we are not just saying that. Years ago we have those bulky smartphones with small displays and thick bezels and not to forget tiny batteries. With the onset of the smartphone revolution, we are witnessing one after other creative wonders from the device manufacturers around the globe. From plastic to polycarbonate and-and now to metal, device makers have done it all. But what about bezels?


As time went on the smartphones got bigger with bigger displays and bezels in the meantime got smaller on the way. And now we have reached a time where device makers are nearly eliminating the bezels from their devices. This pursuit for increasing the beauty of the device and giving it the looks is just making the device makers crazy and they are leaving no stone un-turned in this endeavor of theirs. It is the looks that matters after all.


We all have heard about bezel-less smartphones and watched tons of videos of many concept phones which are doing away with the bezels. But is this necessary or just the shear craze of device makers to make smartphones look more beautiful and decrease the screen to body ratio. So lets take into consideration the factors which just prove that bezel-less smartphones is a bad bad idea.

Bezel-less Display Shatters Easily

Smartphones tend to fall all the time despite of our optimum care and protection. There are a million ways for a smartphone to take the leap of faith and end up in a service center or some old drawer in our home. When a smartphone falls bezels tend to break the break and reduce the impact to a large extent. In other words bezels acts as built in screen protectors.


Now, imagine your bezel-less smartphone slipping out of hands all of a sudden. It will be the glass display which will be taking the hit directly while hitting a hard surface and not the bezel so the chances of a display end up broken increases in case of bezel less smartphones.


Besides there is a huge possibility of the display getting chirped at the corners due to the way we use them. On the contrary, bezel-less smartphones are not for the people who love taking risks with their phones.

Accidental Touches

Smartphones are all about shiny and eye popping bright displays and in recent times hardware keys have been eliminated leading to a more smooth full touch experience. Now when we hold our smartphone our fingers tends to rest on the bezels on the sides and in case there are no bezels then the fingers will be in direct contact with the display which will lead to accidental touches. Accidental touches are too irritating and spoils the fun we love to have with our smartphone.

Imagine a situation where you are tapping an option on the display and that option not working because your fingers are already touching the display from the sides and activating the touch functions prior to you needing them. It will lead to mis-operating the phone all the time. So bezel-less smartphone can be really annoying and can take on your nerves.

Being Bezel-Less Do Not Mean Beautiful All The Time

Device maker’s craze to create the perfect smartphones have lead to many changes over time some of which are totally ridiculous of sorts. As the displays are getting larger and larger bezels are getting thin over time to compensate for the large display in the same body which leads to decreased screen to body ratio.

Some years back users or the potential buyers did not worry about screen to body ratio, good hardware did the job back then. But users have become more conscious about all these sophisticated things like screen to body ratio. Device makers are playing it well by totally eliminating the bezels but it does not look good all the time. Sometimes well designed bezels adds to the elegance and aura of the smartphone and now it has become a fad of sorts to own a bezel-less smartphone which is going in the wrong direction totally.

How To Fix A Bezel-Less Smartphone ?

What if you spot a beautiful looking bezel-less smartphone and purchased it then and there and now worried for its safety and protection. Well we have got you covered for that too.

Protective Cases


There are many well reputed and renowned brands who specialize in designing protective cases for different smartphones which include bezel-less also. These protective cases do what they are meant to do and that it protect your costly smartphone all time and all costs.

You can purchase a good looking case to protect the display from getting chirped, breaking during a fall or accidental touches. You can also opt for some customized cases for your phone depending on your phone’s look.

Metal Bumpers


So you hate all those designer cases and want to keep your smartphone plane and simple and want to you it like that but still worried for its safety then metal bumpers are there. Metal bumper is a metal frame with a soft and shock absorbent coating inside to break the fall and reduce the impact of the fall on the display.

On the other side these metal bumpers can also act as bezels on demand for your bezel-less smartphone thus allowing you to use them when you need them and remove them when you don’t.

Tempered Screen Glasses



Tempered screen glass is a transparent toughened glass that is pasted on to the display thus protecting it all times from all nicks, scratches and from breaking when they fall. Tempered screen glass absorbs the shock and break the hit from reaching the display of the phone thus keeping it safe and sound. You can choose a tempered screen glass for your phone from numerous options online as well as offline mediums.


It is totally up to a user whether or not he wants to purchase a bezel-less smartphone. The way people are getting attracted to bezel-less smartphones and the way we see it this trend of is not going to die anytime soon. In contrast we can expect some software and hardware workarounds to do away with accidental touches and related problems. Other than visual design standpoint, bezel-less displays are of no use to be honest. It is sort of a gimmick from device makers to offer something new to the user in the name of bezel-less smartphones.