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Samsung Showcases New-Age Refrigerators at SEA Forum 2016

World’s leading electronic appliance maker Samsung unveiled its all new electronic appliances range at the Samsung Southeast Asia Forum 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. After treating us with two of the very successful A series smartphones from Samsung, it announced its next generation home appliance products. Yes you heard it right; Samsung has a lot in store for us this year. In the category of home appliance, the star product that carried includes smart refrigerators, televisions and washing machines with all the future ready upgrades.


If you ask what Samsung has to say about the new product line, there is one mantra expressed by Samsung during the Forum 2016 “Innovation that matters” or innovation that is important and helps making our lives better.

The two appliances that caught out attention were the refrigerators and the SUHD TVs with quantum dot display. It showcased two types of refrigerators that will be making their way to Southeast Asia by next quarter of 2016. Let’s have a look at the new age technology coming with the latest range of Samsung Refrigerator.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Learning and adapting from the user’s habits, Samsung developed the Family Hub Refrigerator. It is a smart side-by-side fridge that comes with a 21.5 inch touch screen display with Tizen OS. With that huge 21 inch display on your fridge, you must be wondering how it is useful. With this display, the refrigerator will be able to display various things ranging from notes, photos, to videos. You can stream music to its in-built speaker or use it as a TV with screen mirroring or do any task which you usually do on a tab.To make it more relevant, Samsung has used three cameras on the door to take a picture of the items each time the door is closed. You can watch the images on your smartphone remotely to keep a check on your items when you visit a grocery store.

Screenshot - 2_5_2016 , 9_26_10 PM

When demonstrated, adding notes and accessing pictures was done with ease. Moreover, the refrigerator can also sync health data from Gear Fit and recommend food that matches your activity. Now that was something impressive.

Samsung RT7000 Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator

For those who find the touch screen on the door just fancy, Samsung has another innovation with model name RT7000. If you are looking for a more practical change in the innovation then you should have a look at this refrigerator. RT7000 comes with Twin Cooling Plus technology, which has a separate air flow to the freezer section and the cooling section with the help of two evaporators. It helps stopping the smell of the food stored in the freezer with the items kept in the main compartment. This will help the food to stay fresh for long and smell fresh as well, also the food items that require more moisture can stay fresh for longer.

RT700 Conversion modes

But the most interesting attribute of the RT7000 is the smart conversion feature. It has 5 conversion modes: Freezer-Fridge, Vacation, Fridge Max, and Mini mode. It can allow the freezer to be a refrigerator on your command. It will also allow the fridge to be turned off while the freezer is on, it is useful for times when you head to a vacation and don’t need to use the whole fridge.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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