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5 Apps For Medicine Info, Usage, Substitutes, Price

Has it ever happened to you that you went to a medical store only to find out that the medicine that you want is out of stock today? Now, what if you really need that medicine at that point, but at the same time you don’t trust what the chemist might give you? Well, in such situations it is good to have the power in your hands, i.e. on your smartphone. Today, we have a list of 5 Apps that you can use to gather Medicine Info, its usage, substitutes and pricing on either your Android smartphone or your iOS device.

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CareOnGo – Your Medicine Store (Android)

The first app in this list is called CareOnGo, and as the name suggests, this app allows you to care for yourself on the go by getting information about medicines, along with their prices. The app also provides FAQs and Substitutes for all the medicines that they offer. They also allow you to upload your prescription by taking a picture and then sending it to their server.

CareOnGo Medicine


  • Ability to search for medicine information and prices
  • Lists out FAQs and substitutes about the medicine.
  • Ability to upload the prescription to get all the medicines
  • Allows online order of medicines.


  • Availability of Medicines limited to certain cities only
  • No Interaction with doctors or Pharmacist.

Lybrate – Consult a Doctor (Android, iOS)

Lybrate is an app that allows you to consult a doctor online, for free, with abilities to visit their clinic in your city as well if you want a more personalised consultation. Along with the ability to ask a free question to the doctors, it also has a medical feed tab that shows you the latest posts from a doctor. Doctors constantly share a lot of articles and facts about your health on this social media platform.



  • Ability to ask questions and get responses from doctors
  • Get latest updates from the field of medical science
  • Ability to book appointments with doctors


  • No direct information available regarding the medicines
  • Can not order medicines from within the app
  • Can not upload Prescription

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Netmeds – India Ki Pharmacy (Android, iOS)

Netmeds is an app that allows you to browse for medicines and order them online using your smartphone. Along with browsing the medicines, you are able to view substitutes and the ability to ask a pharmacist about the medicine.



  • Ability to browse and search medicines
  • Ability to look for substitutes
  • Ability to ask a Pharmacist about any doubt
  • Ability to upload prescription
  • Ability to order medicines online


  • Limited to certain cities in India
  • Does not list out FAQs about the medicines

iMed-S (Android, iOS)

iMed-S is another application that allows you to just browse for medicines and their alternatives easily. It does not allow you to order the medicines online or talk to any expert. This application is helpful when you just need to find alternatives to a certain medicine.



  • Ability to search for Medicines and their Alternatives
  • Not limited to any certain city or area


  • Does not allow to order medicines online
  • Does not give enough information about medicines
  • Does not have the ability to talk to a doctor or pharmacist

1mg – Health App for India (Android, iOS)

1mg – Health App for India is an interesting device that is built by HealthKart to allow users to perform a lot of app tasks from within the app. The app allows you to search and buy medicines, along with finding doctors nearby or booking a lab test. Apart from all this, it also allows you to reorder medicines that you’ve ordered before and set reminders for eating your medicines on time. It also has an articles section where you can find a lot of articles related to health and medicine.



  • Ability to search and order medicines within the app
  • Ability to look for Substitutes for a medicine
  • Ability to know more about a medicine/FAQs
  • Ability to find doctors nearby


  • No interaction with doctors or pharmacist
  • No ability to upload prescription on the app


In this article, I’ve listed out the five Android apps that you can use to get information about medicines in India. Out of all these, I’d recommend using the CareOnGo app as that offers the most features and has a good User Interface overall. However, if you don’t want that much information about a medicine and want to be able to talk to a Pharmacist, the best app to go with would be the Netmeds app.



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