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Videocon Infinium Z55 Krypton Unboxing, Quick Review, Gaming and Benchmarks

Videocon Mobile launched the Infinium Z55 Krypton smartphone in December 2015 and it is priced at INR 7,499. The company has earlier released two models in the Z series, named the Z55 Delite and Z55 Dash. It comes almost the same specifications we have seen in its siblings, but it has got some upgrades including 4G support and the 13 MP camera.

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Videocon Z55 Krypton Specifications

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Videocon Z55 Krypton Unboxing

Z55 Krypton comes packed in a broad faced white and red coloured box with Z55 Krypton’s image with graphics printed on top. Sides have the Videocon Infinium Z55 Krypton branding and the key features and specifications are printed at the bottom of the box.

Videocon Z55 KryptonVideocon Z55 Krypton (2)

The box looks very ordinary, and the handset is placed on the top packed inside a poly cover. The rest of the box contents are packed nicely and they are placed at the bottom.

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Videocon Z55 Krypton Box Contents

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The contents found inside the Z55 Kryptonbox are: –

  • Z55 Krypton Smartphone
  • USB 2.0
  • 2-pin charger
  • 2x Screen protector
  • Documents and guide
  • Earphones

Physical Overview

The Videocon Z55 Krypton comes in black-gold and white-silver colours. Our review unit was the black and gold version The phone looks very shiny, it has rounded corners but a flat body. The sides are covered with a golden coloured rim which looks like metal but it is actually plastic. Similarly, the back is also very shiny and looks like glass but it is also plastic not glass. The back cover is removable and it is pretty thick. The phone is slippery in hands and use of plastic makes it score low on durability standards. Despite of everything, the phone is lightweight and feels very handy to use and fits perfectly for single handed use.

You will find the speaker mesh on the top with the front camera, LED notification light and the Videocon branding.

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Touch capacitive navigation keys are marked at the bottom bezel.

Videocon Z55 Krypton (13)

The volume rocker and lock/power keys are made out of plastic, and they are on the right side.

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3.5 m audio jack, micro USB port and LED notification light is placed on the top.

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The back has the square shaped camera with a LED flash in the middle.

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The loudspeaker mesh is at the bottom right corner of the back.

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Dual SIM slots and the micro SD card slot is placed over removable battery inside the back cover.

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Videocon Z55 Krypton Photo Gallery

Videocon Z55 Krypton User Interface

It comes with stock Android 5.1 with minor changes in menu and app icons.  The look and feel of the user interface is the same we have seen in almost every stock Android handset. It does not offer any extra features, but it does come with some games from Gameloft pre-installed. Some additional apps like V-Safe, V-Secure and Hungama Play are also already available. During our testing, the UI did not lag or hang at any point of time and it was simple and easy to use.


Videocon Z55 Krypton Gaming Performance

Gaming on this device was something that is pretty common in most of the devices of this range. We installed the Dead Trigger 2 and Modern Combat 5 to test the 3D gaming experience on this device with mid-tier games. Dead Trigger 2 was running smooth as silk, though there was not option to change the graphic details to higher levels. We played 5-6 levels of the Dead Trigger 2 and we did not face any glitches in middle of the gameplay. We then tried playing Modern Combat 5 and the results were same during the initial stages. As we moved further, we noticed few frame drops in between but it was not something that will create much issues. But as far as heavy games like Asphalt 8 and Nova 3 are concerned, it is not the right device to enjoy such games.

The good thing was the temperature, surprisingly it did not heat up at all even after playing back to back games for almost one hour. The highest temperature we recorded was 37 degree Celsius.

Note: – The gaming tests were done under an atmospheric temperature of 29 degree Celsius.


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Videocon Z55 Krypton Performance and Benchmark Scores

Z55 Krypton does not boast of solid spec-sheet, it has MediaTek 6735 SoC with 1 GB RAM. This configuration is found in phone costing much lesser than its cost. Still, the Z55 Krypton performs pretty well in day to day usage. I was not at all troubled by any lags or hiccups while surfing internet, watching videos on Youtube or using any of the IM, but it does fail to handle a lot of processing at once. The perofrmance was covered up by the great UI optimization, it is free from any customizations or tweaks and that works in favour of this smartphone.

The benchmark scores of the Videocon Z55 Krypton are:


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Videocon Infinium Z55 Krypton comes with 4G connectivity, HD display, average cameras and a low-end processor with just 1 GB of RAM. At INR 7,500 the overall offering is not something that can appeal the consumers. There are much better phones available at the similar price point and this sort of overall package will definitely find it tough to stand against the competition. Videocon Z55 Krypton’s doesn’t impress us with the power and the design, but it can surely be considere if its price to is reduced to reasonable range looking at the current market.

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