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App Review: All Rounder App For Your Phone

Don’t you just hate it when someone looks up into your personal stuff without your permission? When your phone lags and you’re stuck waiting for it to work? When you use internet over the limit of your data plan? When crank calls don’t let you sleep at night? When your phone is stolen? Don’t worry this all-in one application – Leo Privacy App, comes to the rescue. It saves you from all this and much more.


App Availability

The Leo Privacy – Applock, boost App  is available for all the Android and IOS devices.

App Usability and Interface

For testing out Leo privacy- Applock, boost, I installed the application on my Android smartphone and used it for some time, testing out different features of the app. This app is very popular with over 100 million users when compared to other apps of the same category. The application is compatible with the Android versions 4.0 and above. This application is around 5 MB to install on an android Device. The developer of the app is Leomaster.

The first time you open the app you will be asked to set a password and security question(helpful in case you forget your password). Once you enter the password successfully you will be directed to the home screen of the app. There you’ll see the four most prominent features offered by the app that are : App lock, Wi-fi Security, Harassment intercept, Anti Theft.


App Lock

The term “App lock”, included in9 the name of the application       correctly suggests that the App lock feature is the most important feature in the application. As the name suggests, this feature enables you to lock the other applications available on your phone. It protects you from the possible breach of privacy due to leakage of information from these apps. It also offers you a choice to lock all or some of the apps installed on your smartphone. You can simply check or un-check the boxes alongside each app to lock or unlock them.

It also provides you the ability to personalize the lock system of different applications with the feature modes, through which you can select guest or home mode(can even add new modes). You can also set time and position lock to enable different modes at a specific time or location. There is another feature called cover, it provides additional level of security, there are five types of covers out of which one is no cover.


Wi-fi Security

Another feature offered by Leo privacy app is the Wi-fi security. The auto scan function is enabled for the first time, so it will scan your wi-fi automatically, you can enable or disable it from the settings menu on the top. Through wi-fi security you can manage your data usage, it is somewhat similar to the usage details in the settings of your phone. You can set the maximum or alarming limits for data usage to protect you against the charges after your data pack is over or to manage your daily consumption. It also helps you monitor the data used by different applications in your phone.


Harassment Intercept

The Harassment Intercept feature enables you to blacklist certain numbers. You can add a number from SMS, logs, contacts or you can add a new number. Through stranger calls feature you can check the calls received from unwanted numbers separately to blacklist them. Call intercept button will show you the record of the calls from blacklisted numbers that were intercepted. You can delete the blacklisted number whenever required, and start receiving calls from that number again.


Anti Theft

Now days most of us carry expensive phones which we would not want to loose and also the information stored in the phone like pictures, documents and more can’t be given in wrong hands. The Anti Theft feature enables you to remotely control your mobile phone through another number of your friend or relative. Through this feature you can enable locks, erase data, locate the phone or ring the alarm by sending SMS’s to your number. If your SIM card is changed, a SMS will be sent on your family member’s number.


Other Features

  • Break in alert : If someone tries
    to unlock a locked app with a wrong passwords, the app would take a picture from the front camera without any click sound, after that when you will unlock the app you will see the picture.
  • Hide Images : You can hide the pictures from your gallery. Once you hide a picture it can be unhidden from the Leo privacy app only, which is accessible only after a password verification.
  • Hide Videos : You can also hide the videos in your gallery just like the images.
  • Data monitor : It takes you directly to the data usage graphs in wi-fi security option.
  • Battery usage : It gives you detail about the apps that are using power secretly, by power optimization you can cut the supply to those apps.
  • Shortcut Assistant : It enables you to create a shortcut icon for different features of the app like data monitor, break-in alert etc. on your home screen.


Other features can be seen once you swipe up the arrow on the home screen of the App.

Privacy status

This feature reveals the areas of potential threat. Click on the shield image on the launch screen to use it.  It basically provides suggestions to secure your privacy. You can click on optimize to look into the areas, after which you can accept or ignore the suggestions. This feature tells you the threat areas through artificial human intelligence so you don’t have to search yourself.


Points of improvement

I personally feel that the advertisements were stealing the professional image of the App. Moreover, if you left the app opened by mistake, the app screen opens automatically and hinders you from receiving urgent calls, and if you want to change the lock for one or two or all applications, there are no select all or deselect all options. It has all the control of your phone, if someone is able to crack the password, he can make your important data inaccessible.


In one sentence Leo privacy app is an all in one app. Although there are some areas in which improvement is needed, but they are very less as compared to the benefits offered by this app. You can protect your privacy, keep check on data usage, protect personal information in case of theft and intercept crank calls. If you need all of that at one place you should definitely go with this app.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.