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LG K10 FAQ, Pros, Cons, User Queries And Answers

LG has unveiled two budget Android phones in India; it is the continuation to the L series from a while back. LG K7 LTE and K10 LTE were announced globally in January 2016 and LG has finally landed both the smartphones in Indian market at INR 9,500 & INR 13,750 respectively.

LG K10 (10)

We spent some time with the bigger and better K10 LTE, and we continue our review with the phone, but we have brought the answers to most common user queries before the full review.

K10 LTE Pros

  • Good primary camera
  • Good build
  • Great design
  • Large HD resolution display
  • User replaceable battery
  • Slim and Lightweight

K10 LTE Cons

  • Low pixel density
  • Basic UI
  • Limited camera modes

K10 LTE India Quick Specifications

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Question- How is Design and Build Quality?

Answer- The LG K10 LTE comes with a 2.5D curved display and glossy pebble design that makes it look beautiful from every possible angle. It is made up of good quality plastic and the back has a beautiful looking gradient texture with rubberized finish. It gives a great grip and the feels premium in hand. Sides have chrome finishes lining without any lock or volume buttons, and that makes it look more elegant. The build quality is solid and it is quite comfortable to use with one hand.

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Question- Does the LG K10 LTE Have Dual SIM Slots?

Answer- Yes, it has dual SIM slots, both the slots support nano SIM.

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Question- Does the LG K10 LTE Have microSD Expansion option?

Answer- Yes, it does offer microSD expansion, and the slot is located just above the second SIM slot.

Question- Does LG K10 LTE Have Display Glass Protection?

Answer- Yes, it has Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Question- How is the Display of the LG K10 LTE?

Answer- It comes with a 5.3 inch IPS LCD display with 720 x 1280 p resolution. The pixel density is just 277 ppi but the display looks amazing with the naked eye. It is bright, crisp and has great viewing angles.

Question- Does LG K10 LTE Support Adaptive Brightness?

Answer- Yes, it has adaptive brightness feature.

Battery Saver

Question- Are navigation Buttons Backlit?

Answer- The navigation buttons are placed on screen.

Question- Which OS Version, Type Runs on Phone?

Answer- It comes with the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with LG’s own custom skin on top.

Question- Is there any Finger Print Sensor, How Good or Bad It Is?

Answer- No, it does not have a fingerprint sensor.

Question- Is Fast Charging Supported in LG K10 LTE ?

Answer- No, LG K10 LTE does not support quick charging.

Question- How Much Free Internal Storage is Available to User?

Answer- 10.84 GB is available out of 16 GB at user end.


Question- Can you move apps to SD card on LG K10 LTE?

Answer- No, apps cannot be moved to SD card.

Question- When will K10 LTE get Marshmallow update?

Answer- There is no confirmation from the company about it.

Question- How Much Bloatware Apps are Pre-installed, Are They Removable?

Answer- It comes with around 299 MB of bloatware apps and they are not removable.

Question- How Much RAM is Available on the first Boot?

Answer- Out of 2 GB, 1.5 GB of RAM was free on first boot.


Question- Does it have LED notification light?

Answer- No, it does not have a LED notification light.

Question- Does it support USB OTG?

Answer- No, it does not support USB OTG.

Question- Which network bands or Operating Frequency does K10 LTE support?

Answer- GSM – GSM 850/ 900 / 1800 / 1900; WCDMA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100; 4G LTE 850/ 1800/ 2300.

Question- Does LG K10 LTE offer theme options to choose from?

Answer- Yes, LG K10 comes with a couple of pre-loaded theme options.


Question- How loud is The Loudspeaker?

Answer- The loudspeaker is fairly loud for a small room, but you will have to take care that the speaker grill does not get covered while playing music.

Question- How is the Call quality?

Answer- The call quality is good, the voice was clear and the network reception was also great.

Question- How good is The Camera Quality of the LG K10 LTE?

Answer- The K10 LTE comes with a 13 MP rear camera with f/2.2 aperture and LED flash. The picture quality was just above average and nothing great compared to other competition in the same price segment. Colours were nicely captured but easily lost details when the light was slightly low. You make struggle with the camera if have shaky hands. The front camera is just decent, we have seen similar kind of performance from most of the 5 MP front cameras on budget phones.

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Question- Can we Play 4K Videos on LG K10 LTE?

Answer- No, it cannot play 4K videos.

Question- Can LG K10 LTE record slow motion & time-lapse videos?

Answer- No, it cannot record slow motion video or time-lapse video.

Question- Does it support single handed UI?

Answer- No, it doesn’t have an option to switch to one handed user interface.

Question- How is Battery Backup on LG K10 LTE?

Answer- Battery is 2300 mAh, which is decent for a phone with such specifications. You can expect a full day of battery backup with minimum to moderate use.

Question- What Color Variants are Available for LG K10 LTE?

Answer– It will be available in White, Indigo and Gold variants.

Question- Can we set the display colour temperature on LG K10 LTE?

Answer- No, you cannot change display temperature.

Question- Is there any in-built power saver in the LG K10 LTE?

Answer- Yes, it has a power saving mode to improve the battery efficiency.

Battery Saver

Question- Which Sensors are available on LG K10 LTE?

Answer- It has Accelerometer, Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Magnetometer, orientation sensor and rotation sensor.


Question- Does it have IR blaster?

Answer- No, it does not have an IR blaster.

Question- What is the Weight of LG K10 LTE?

Answer- It weighs 142 grams.

Question- What is the SAR Value of LG K10 LTE?

Answer- SAR (1G) 0.754 W/kg (head), 0.500 W/kg (Body)

Question- Does it support VoLTE?

Answer- No, it does not support VoLTE.

Question- Does It Support Tap Wake up Commands?

Answer- Yes, it supports tap to wake up command.

Question- Does It Support Voice Wake up Commands?

Answer- No, it does not support voice wake up commands.

Question- What are the benchmark scores?

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Question- Does LG K10 LTE Have Heating Issues?

Answer- We did not notice any unusual heating during our test.

Question- Can LG K10 LTE be connected to a Bluetooth Headset?

Answer- Yes, it can be connected to a Bluetooth headset.

Question- How is the Gaming Performance?

Answer- K10 LTE is a good choice if you like to play light games and few 3D games like Modern Combat 2. The display adds to the beauty of its gaming performance. I played multiple games on this phone and the performance was pretty decent. There are better options under this price range but still, LG is a dependable brand.

Question- Mobile Hotspot Internet Sharing Supported?

Answer- Yes, you can create hotspot to share internet from this device.


Someone who is looking for a phone that is high on look and feel and has the basic features of a smartphone with fair performance can go for this phone. There are other options with amazing features under this price segment, but LG has a habit of keeping it low but makes sure of the quality.

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