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Reliance 4G Mifi Device Launched At INR 2,699

Reliance Communications has launched a new 4G Mifi dongle on its website. This new 4G mifi device is available for order at a price of INR 2,699. While Reliance has not released any information about the mifi device’s launch, the website suggests that it will be delivered in the coming weeks.

Reliance 4G Mifi Device For INR 2,699

Reliance 4G mifi device

The new Reliance 4G Mifi device comes within days of the upgrade from the existing CDMA service to 4G LTE. Named as the Wi-Pod, this 4G LTE device from Reliance Communications comes with a 2300 mAh battery. According to the product page, the mifi device should last for 5 to 6 hours of data use over 4G LTE.

The company also says that you can connect up to 31 devices using this dongle, so this may be useful as a on-the-go Wi-Fi network for a group of users. This dongle will operate in all the three bands that Reliance has the license for – Band 3, Band 5 and Band 40. Network availability and strength will obviously affect the performance, but it should be much better than the current CDMA network.

Apart from the built-in 2300 mAh battery, the Reliance 4G Mifi device also comes with memory card support, so you can carry your media and stream it locally when you need to.

Pricing And Availability

As mentioned above, the Reliance Wi-Pod is available at a price of INR 2,699. However, this is seemingly an introductory offer – the actual MRP of the mifi device is INR 3,199. Additionally, you will have to have an existing CDMA dongle to replace – based on the information available on the product page of the mifi device.

Reliance is scheduled to begin its upgrade to 4G LTE soon from the existing CDMA tech. Existing customers will be allowed to replace the old UIM cards for a new 4G LTE SIM card starting on May 4th. This leads us to believe that the broader availability of the 4G mifi device will be sometime in May or June.


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