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Important Things To Consider Before You Buy a VR Headset


Virtual Reality is the new thing trending these days. Virtual Reality is a computer technology that replicates an environment  real or imagined and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction.

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Virtual Realities artificially create sensory experience which can include sight, touch, hearing etc. The VR Headsets are the devices which helps in Virtual Reality experience and are really popular these days. So before buying a VR Headset there are few things which you should keep in mind.

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Build Quality


The first thing one should keep in mind is the build quality. There are lots of VR Headsets available in the market with different kind of build quality. Generally VR headsets are made up of plastic so make sure it is durable and isn’t made up of some cheap plastic. There are lot of cheap VR headsets which comes with cheap build quality and plastic. So make sure it is rigid, durable, long lasting and build out of good material. Though the Google Cardboard VR is an exception here as it is made up of cardboard but it’s also priced at fairly cheap price.

Bands Or Belts


Check that if the VR Headset has the proper belts or not to hold the VR headset against your face properly. It also helps in adjusting the headset as per your face or as per your need. If it doesn’t has any belt then you have to manually hold the VR headset which is kind of irritating thing. The belt also helps to keep it in the fixed position even if you are moving and keeps your hand free. It is strongly recommended that get the VR headsets which has the proper belts. The Samsung VR and Procus VR comes with belts.

Quality Of Lens


Check the quality of lens used in the VR headsets. And also check if the headset has adjustable lens or not. A bad quality lens can harm your eyes so think twice before buying the cheap ones. Most of the good qualities VR headsets comes with small knobs to adjust the lens which helps to adjust the focus and also make the headset comfortable while viewing through it. Generally the cheaper ones skip this feature but this thing helps a lot specially while watching movies or videos on it.



Another thing to keep in mind is that how comfortable the VR headset is. It shouldn’t be very big, bulky or heavy in weight.  It should properly fit on your face and should be light weight. Most of them come with cushions on the front (where the eyes rest) which makes it a lot comfortable to wear. Not every VR headset is very comfortable to wear. Like the Ant VR headset which comes with Lenovo K4 note isn’t quite uncomfortable to wear and is not very good for long term usage.



Another thing that is worth mentioning here is that how perfectly it fits your smartphone. There should be sufficient room to fit your smartphone tightly and perfectly. Make sure that the door of the VR headset that holds your phone isn’t loose or else it can be irritating while using it. And also check that if the VR headset you are buying can fit all different sizes of smartphones properly or not. There are few VR headsets which are made to work with some specific devices. So double check before you plan to buy any VR headset to avoid unwanted troubles. So in case if you plan to use it with another smartphone, you don’t get into unwanted issues.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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