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DigiLocker, A Small Step To A Better Future For Digital India

We often speak of the Digital India initiative when we talk about companies like Reliance Jio and many software companies who are bringing the technological upgrade to masses in the country. Digital India was initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a vision to digitalize India for a better and smarter future. E-governance has got a major upgrade and the citizens are experiencing the change. People are now using modern methods; transparency is taking over corruption with the help of digitalization.

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If you take a proper look at your Play Store or App Store, you will find number of apps from government of India. These apps are designed specially to save your time, efforts and money. It has also brought in the extinction of traditional paper work used in government offices. It has almost 51 applications across 33 sectors. You can have a look at the website which is dedicated to government apps here.

From this bunch of apps, there is an app called DigiLocker. We are talking about this app specifically because recently were realized how useful this app is. There are so many useful services we are not aware of, and DigiLocker is one of them. If you don’t know what it for is, we will help you understand.


What is DigiLocker?

As the name suggest DigiLocker is a digital locker or cloud locker service initiated by government of India under the guidance of PM Narendra Modi. It is available on Play Store and App store for download. Users can keep their important documents like e-Adhaar, Driving License and more on secured cloud storage. It automatically reduces the hassle of carrying cards and papers every time you head out. DigiLocker works on the same method how Dropbox and Evernote work. The authentication is based on Adhaar and mobile number.

What are the advantages of DigiLocker?

The biggest advantage is the esign, which can be used as a digital signature at various places. This esign is linked to your verified Adhaar and documents. It has replaced the physical signature, and a verified digital signature works the same way Physical signature works. E-governance counts this esign as a valid signature for any government related work. The biggest advantage is that this esign is free of cost, whereas private companies charge you with decent amount.

Transparency will be brought in, and this will help getting rid of corruption. Reduction in human interaction will surely block a lot of loopholes leading to curroption. Recently after an upgrade, users can now upload vehicle registration documents on DigiLocker.

You can access your data anytime, anywhere without any threat of losing or damaging your important documents. This brings in a lot of convenience in to the citizens in their day to day tasks.

Users can save receipts, insurance, bills etc to keep a record of all the transactions and legal papers digitally.

What the Ministry says?

It reduces the administrative overhead of government departments by minimizing the use of paper and makes it easier to validate the authenticity of documents as they are issued directly by the registered issuers.

What do you need to sign up to DigiLocker?

You will need an Adhaar Card and A working mobile number.

Our Verdict

We have always supported the Digital India initiative from day one. We love to highlight the efforts made by our government and spread awareness among our people. DigiLocker is one of the most useful services offered by government of India. It is still under development for a smoother user experience in coming future.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.