Reliance Jio is all over the tech world, the Reliance digital stores are also surrounded by a large number of people, waiting to get their Jio SIM. But before going through all that labour, you should atleast make sure that whether the Jio services will work on your phone or not. In this article we will tell you a simple way to check whether the Jio SIM will work with your phone or not.


Step by Step Procedure

Go to, the website has a database of around 14392 Mobile Devices and 1068 Carrier Networks until now. Then follow the below mentioned steps to check whether Jio SIM is compatible with your device.


  • First of all select the brand name of your device from the Brand drop down menu.

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  • You can contact support team if your brand is not listed
  • Then select the model name of your device from the model drop down list.


  • If your phone has a sub model, a sub model drop down box will appear. Select the appropriate option from the drop down list.


  • Select your country from the next drop down box




  • Select the network carrier, Reliance Jio in this case.


  • Click on the search button, the website will give you all the information regarding the compatible networks.
  • If your model name or network carrier is not listed, you can  contact the support team.

You will be presented with the results regarding the compatibility of your phone with the three networks namely 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE.

ResultBlue tick icon suggests that the device is compatible with the network carrier

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ResultYellow tick suggests that the device is compatible with some of the network carriers frequencies. It may work.

ResultRed cross suggests that the device is not compatible with the network carrier

Below is the example of the result, in which the phone Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is selected as a sample.