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5 Reasons That’ll Make You Love Google Pixel

Google is one name that is known to almost every internet user around the globe. While using the Nexus phones, I have always thought if Google will ever make a phone all by itself. I am sure every Google fan had a dream of having a phone produced wholly by Google.

Last month Google held a huge press conference where it made multiple announcements along with the stars of the show, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Sadly, the pictures and specs of the two smartphones were leaked ahead of the launch but it did not affect the excitement of the Google loyalists. Both the phones come in the purest form of Android, and are claimed to be the most powerful Android phones in the market.

We got lucky to get our hands on the Google Pixel XL right after the pre-booking started. We have marked down 5 things that will make you fall in love with the Pixel immediately after you unbox it.

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Love at first sight with the camera

Screenshot - 10_18_2016 , 6_50_33 PM

Whenever I unbox a device, the first thing that I test is the camera. I have a habit of rushing to the camera app as soon as I get my hands on the device. In this case, I was amazed to see the autofocus speed on the Pixel’s camera. It immediately reminded me of the dual pixel camera technology that we saw on the Galaxy S7.

If you love clicking pictures with your smartphone, then you are at the right place. It will not disappoint you in the camera department for sure.


The phone does not feel big even after being XL

Almost each of you must have seen the Pixel phones, and a lot of you must have thought it looks similar to iPhone. But let me tell you, it looks very different compared to iPhones and has a style of its own. The only common feature between iPhone and the Pixel is rounded edges.

Screenshot - 10_18_2016 , 6_53_03 PM

We received the Quite Black variant of the phone and it looks stunning. It is not as slim as an iPhone but still offers a very comfortable grip. Front has 2.5 D curved glasses fused perfectly with the bezels and on the back it has a unique half metal and half glass design.  Other than the stand out design, it also feels very solid and still weighs 168g.

Pure Google experience

Nexus phones have always been the symbol of exclusivity and purity when it comes to Android experience. With the new Pixel phones, Google has introduced their all new Pixel launcher which gives the smoothest and purest Android experience that you have ever imagined. It comes pre-loaded with all the essential Google Apps in best of their forms.

Screenshot - 10_18_2016 , 6_52_26 PM

You have the Google Assistant sitting right at the home button, so you can tap and hold the home button to talk to your assistant. Also the feel of using Android has never been so silky till now. You will receive all the updates before any other Android device, and it is designed to make your life easier with Google’s developing AI.

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Comes with all the essential accessories in the box

Unlike many other smartphones these days, the Pixel gives you no chance to complain when it comes to box contents. Google has included each and every necessary accessory that you may need to use with your phone. It comes with the following contents in the box:


  • SIM Ejector
  • USB 2.0 to USB Type – C cable
  • USB Type-C to Type-C cable
  • 2-Pin wall charger
  • OTG adaptor
  • Earphones

Unlimited smart cloud storage for all you pictures and videos

Screenshot - 10_18_2016 , 6_51_09 PM

We know that the missing microSD card slot is a problem for many of us and Google understands this. Hence, the Pixel phones offer you an option where you get free unlimited storage of all your photos and video files. Moreover, it is a smart storage solution which deletes photos and videos from the phone that have already been backed up. You can always access these deleted files by restoring them from the cloud storage.