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Honor 8 Dual Camera, What’s New and How Its Different

According to multiple researchers, the major factor that is considered before buying a smartphone is its camera. When we talk about cameras, there are few smartphones that have redefined the way we looked at smartphone cameras. In 2016, we have witnessed multiple devices with exceptional cameras. The low-light performance has been improved, autofocus is now quicker and softwares have also got major upgrades.

There is one phone that has recently joined in the league and is redefining the whole scenario in terms of camera and design. Yes, I am talking about the Honor 8. So before I tell you why am I calling it a special camera phone, let me take you through the technical details of the Honor 8’s camera.


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Looking at the hardware, the Honor 8 is well equipped. It is quite similar to Huawei P9, although P9 looks more powerful on paper, but the samples were quite alike. It has 2 camera sensors on the back, with one capturing coloured photos while the other one clicks monochrome (Black and White) images. Both the lenses are configured at f/2.2 apertures and 1.25 μm pixel size.

On the front it has an 8MP front facing camera with f/2.4 aperture.

The trick

Honor 8’s has a special auto-focus that aligns depending on the range using the laser focus for short range, accurate depth focus for longer range and contrast focus to capture the best possible image. The image signal processor (ISP) is aligned with the depth measurement ISP to fasten the focusing and image processing. This assures a good result while capturing time sensitive subjects.

The main trick that makes this dual-camera setup more interesting is the clever software processing. When the pictures from both the cameras are combined with the software, it gives out more vivid and detailed images. It also helps capturing more light compared to a single lens. Honor claims that it helps them capture thrice the light compared to single lens cameras.

Camera Samples

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What we liked the most about Honor 8’s camera?

  • It captures great details and colours in good lighting conditions.
  • There are some really cool modes and filters to bring out the creative side of yours.
  • It handles dynamic light with an ease. You will be able to click pictures in bright light, and the pictures will still look amazing.
  • We noticed snappy autofocus and processing speed. Great feature to capture moving toddlers and pets without a blur.
  • Amazing Depth-of-field to give your photos a DSLR like bokeh effect.
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