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4 Fake Rumors Around New 2000 INR Note

The latest buzz doing the rounds in India is Demonetisation. It is a big issue that has affected everyone – from the rich to the poor. At present, a big part of the country’s citizens are busy trying to deal with this decision – many who support the decision as well as many who think the government could have done better. Regardless, people are dealing with the situation.

In such a scenario, rumour mongering can be really harmful. Even in these critical moments, there are elements who take advantage of the situation and start circulation rumours to cause disturbance and chaos. In this post we take a look at some of the most common rumours – some hilarious and some fairly inane.

4 Fake Rumours Around New 2000 INR Note

The Government of India released a brand new 2000 INR note after banning the old 500 INR and 1000 INR notes. This move is supposed to erase the existing black money in India – some estimates peg the share of black money at 40% of all the cash dealings done in India. You are looking at approximately 6.5-7 lakh crore rupees in black money. It is a massive amount, and understandably requires drastic measures. The note ban is that drastic measure.

New 2000 INR Note Comes With A Nano Chip For Tracking

Initially when the new 500 INR and 2000 INR notes were announced, people had started receiving news articles and WhatsApp forwards featuring this claim. According to the forwards, the new 2000 INR note has been bugged with a nano chip tracker by the Indian government and RBI. This nano chip was said to be capable enough to send the exact coordinates to our satellites, allowing the government to keep a track of major hoards of 2000 INR notes.

A nano chip inside a note that is powered by nothing but a nano solar panel, and something which can uplink to a satellite without internet or cell connectivity. Does it really get more /r/badscience material than this?

Printing Mistake On 2000 INR Note

Another rumour that went viral was a printing mistake on the new 2000 INR note. Due to the nature of social media, the rumour spread like wildfire making people condemn the government and RBI for such a basic error.

2000 INR error

The rumour was that there have been a couple of printing mistakes in the new 2000 INR note. On the back of the note, there are two lines that express the value of the note in some of the most commonly used Indian languages – “don hazaar rupaiya” and “don hazaar rupaiye”. These two lines are written in Devnagri script, and express the value of the note in Konkani and Marathi. “don hazaar rupaiya” is in Konkani and “don hazaar rupaiye” is in Marathi.

However, some social media users spread the rumour that these two lines were supposedly errors thinking that they were supposed to be read in Hindi.

Don’t worry, there is no such error on the new 2000 INR note.

2000 INR Note Losing Colour

This is one of the more silly non-rumours. Apparently, some people spent the better part of the last few days trying to source the new 2000 INR note and testing it in water, freezer and what not. Some people started posting that the new 2000 INR note loses colour when it’s wet and then rubbed vigorously.

2000 INR note

The Economic Affairs Secretary Mr Shaktikanta Das had to call a conference and put an end to this non-issue. According to Mr Das, this is the very nature of the currency notes used in India. They are printed using a special Intaglio ink, and when you wet any currency note and rub it, the notes will lose colour. You can test this with a 100 INR note as well, just in case you’re still curious.

2000 INR Note Is Waterproof

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of people have been putting the new 2000 INR note through various tests. One of those tests was done for checking the waterproofing capabilities of the new note. People posted videos showing off the new 2000 INR note’s ability to withstand water, compared to other currency notes. Surprisingly, there was a perceivable difference in the performance of the new 2000 INR note. Perhaps RBI has used a different mix of contents for the new note.

Lastly, before we end this, let us tell you that you should not believe any and everything you come across on WhatsApp. Some rumours are downright silly, while some others are pretty dangerous. Always use your common sense and look for any notification or press release from the government before believing those rumours and forwarding them to your friends and family.


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