We all know someone who has a habit of losing or misplacing things every now and then. Honestly speaking, each one of us have lost or misplaced at least something-sometime-somewhere. To get rid of this trouble, a Bengaluru based start-up Gila has come up with a unique device called the Yoky tag.

Yoky tag is basically a small key chain type of device that helps users to find their misplaced items like keys, bags or purse. It comes with a clamp based key chain design which can be hooked to anything that fits. There are a lot of features that come along with this tag for a price of Rs.999, and we’ll be finding out if it justifies the price or not.


Yoky Tag Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Stylish
  • Long lasting battery
  • Small and easy to attach
  • Design it as you like
  • Smart app interface

Yoky Tag Cons

  • Sticker can be peeled off
  • Non rechargeable cell

Design and Build

Yoky Tag is a small square shaped device with rounded corners. It is made up of tough anodized plastic and feels sturdy in hand. It weighs around 100 gms and looks thin with around 7mm size. It comes in different colours, and stickers on both the sides take care of your taste. In short, it does not look bad while hanging out of your pocket or from your bag.

It has three tiny speaker holes on all the side panels. One of the sides have two holes to screw the case and there is one one corner has a bigger hole to insert the key ring. You will get a metallic hook and a ring inside the pack. The company allows you to customize the look of your tag when you order it. You can choose over a wide range of artwork and designs or you can also get your picture on it. The design on the tag is placed on top of the plastic just like a sticker, which can be peeled off over time.

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Yoky Tag Photos

Features and More

The Yoky Tag has a 500mAh in-built battery which is claimed to last up to a year. It supports connectivity through Bluetooth v4.0 or higher, Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 8.0 or above. Users can download the Yoky Tag app from the Play store or App store. You will find all the controls to the Yoky tag in this app and the customizations can be done through this interface. This app can pair up to 8 Yoky Tags simultaneously.

Looking at the features, Yoky Tag has a bundle of things to offer in its minimalistic size. The main feature lies in its location tracking abilities but the makers of this device has made full use of its size and hardware.


  • Find your tagged item by tapping on the search button on the home screen of the app. When you tap the search icon, your tag will start ringing.
  • If the phone is not connected to the tag, it will show the last registered location on the map.
  • If you can’t hear the tone, you can simply find it by observing the size of the circle that comes up after tapping the search icon.

Yoky Tag Interface

  • You can customize the sounds on the tag by tapping on the music icon of the toolbar.
  • You can even find your phone using the tag; you just have to shake your tag 3-4 times. Once you do this, your phone will start ringing. Once you find the phone, shake the tag again to stop ringing.
  • If the phone is not audible, your tag will beep and the beep sound will get faster and louder as you move closer to your phone.
  • If you forget your tagged item somewhere, your phone will alert you with a sound. Similarly, if you leave your phone back the tag will alert you.
  • You can also share your tag with your friend or family, which will allow other users to see the location of your tag by using the Yoky Tag app.
  • If you carry your tag all the time, Yoky Tag also measures your step using the the in-built pedometer. You will get an estimate of your activities, moreover, you can set the targets and and alerts using the app.
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YokY Tag Settings

  • Mark a safe location where you will not be alerted by your phone or the tag when left behind.
  • The last and the most important is the customization options, that allow you to set up all the above features according to your convenience.


Yoky tag is a very useful accessory for those who actually miss out on their belongings such as keys. It comes with cool design options, and looks trendy on bags and keys. At Rs. 999, it is quite affordable for some and may sound expensive to some; but it all depends on the need of the consumer. I personally prefer putting one on my bag as I have already misplaced one bag of mine. Eventually, the second time I had Yoky Tag on for the rescue.