DOEL, a brand providing ICT, Mobility, consumer electronic products and services to both organisations and end users launched a wearable personal AC, Doel G2T for Rs. 15,000. It’s basically a electric scarf or say a Personal AC with an adjustable neck design. This electric scarf is the first cooling and heating that comes with thermoelectric technology and 3D reflux airflow system. It comes with an ergonomic design with adjustable neck size, is lightweight and easy to use. This scarf is perfect for both summers and winters.


It controls the body temperature according to the environment and provides body air conditioning with indirect contact with the skin of the human body. This electric scarf uses an external battery with automatic safety shut-off feature that stops it from overheating and unwanted issues. Company claims a battery backup of 2 to 3 hours with a 6,500mAh battery.The ability to maintain a stable temperature output for users under extreme conditions of both heat and cold without the addition of coolants, ice or water, makes this device interesting.

It has got two LEDs which indicate the heating and cooling modes. Blue LED indicate that it’s in heating mode whereas the Orange LED indicate that it’s in cooling mode. The control panel has three modes, heating, cooling and switch off. It comes in Red, Yellow and White color options. It also comes in two different sizes, one is Small(S) or Medium(M) size and another is Large(L) or Extra Large(XL) size.


Being a portable device, it can be carried anywhere like riding bike, camping, playing, walking, travelling and etc. It’s a great device for the frequent travellers or the people suffering from discomfort due to weather change. While heating helps increase blood flow, relax the body, sleep better, cooling helps soothe headache of having a fever, provide relief from hot flashes of Menopause, quickly cool down in the case of heat stroke. The device also carries a 1-year warranty.

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