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Best Phones Under Rs. 10,000 With 4G VoLTE Support

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, or Voice over Long Term Evolution. Most next-generation or 4G wireless networks use Long Term Evolution technology. Voice over LTE is a standard based technology that is required to support voice calls over an LTE network.  VoLTE basically allows you to place a call over a high-speed data connection, which allows you to keep your current data connection active, and place a call simultaneously.

With the advent of Jio, VoLTE has become a norm that entailed OEMs incorporating VoLTE feature even in the their low-tier product lines. If you are planning to buy a mobile with VoLTE support under Rs. 10000, you should go through below list before buying one.


Xiaomi is known for producing best VFM mobiles. It is icing on the cake, as even their low end mobiles support VoLTE feature. Here are the three phones under 10k from the company that support VoLTE:

Redmi 3S Prime & Redmi 3S

Redmi 3S

[table id=613 /]

Redmi Note 3 16GB


[table id=258 /]


Samsung budget phones are often criticized for lacking basic sensors like Compass, Gyroscope, and fingerprint sensor. Thankfully, Samsung has done a good job by extending VoLTE support even for budget range phones. Here are few phones under 10K from Samsung that support VoLTE:

Samsung On7

Galaxy On7-

[table id=240 /]

Samsung J2 2016

J2 2016 (10)

[table id=592 /]

Samsung On5 Pro


[table id=594 /]


Lately, Coolpad has been making some pages for itself in the Indian smartphone industry. These phones are high on specs but low on price. Here are few phones under 10K from Coolpad that support VoLTE:

Coolpad Mega 2.5D

Coolpad Mega

[table id=618 /]

Coolpad Mega 3

Coolpad Mega 3

[table id=744 /]

Cooplad Note 3S

Coolpad Note 3S

[table id=740 /]


After Lenovo acquired Motorola, it has been launching phones with aggressive pricing to combat phones from its Chinese peers. Here are few phones under 10K from Motorola that support VoLTE:

Moto E3 power

Moto E3 Power - 1

[table id=642 /]

Moto G4 Play


[table id=633 /]

Moto G Turbo Edition

[table id=288 /]


These phones are made to cater the needs of people who need an affordable phone that support VoLTE. There are wide range of phones and here are few phones that you can bet on:

Lyf Wind 4S

[table id=678 /]

Lyf Flame 7S

Lyf Flame 7S

[table id=677 /]


Panasonic has been there in the industry for quite a while now and it has earned good reputation in offline markets for producing reliable phones at affordable price. Here are few phones under 10K from Panasonic that support VoLTE:

Panasonic Eluga Arc

Eluga Arc

[table id=468 /]

Panasonic Eluga I3

Eluga I3

[table id=498 /]


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