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WhatsApp Gets Giphy GIF Support, Media Sharing Increased To 30 Items

WhatsApp has recently announced the feature of GIF search and insertion for the Android phones. The functionality of sending GIFs was present in the app but, was not very feasible. First WhatsApp allowed videos conversion and sharing in the form of GIFs, then the beta version allowed to share GIFs saved on the devices. Even the web client added support for GIF search and insertion was present in the app.


But, now with the latest update, it will also support searching, choosing and sending GIFs from the WhatsApp app. This eliminates the requirement of a separate Giphy client, the GBboard app and pre-saved GIF’s.

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How To Use


The particular function will be available under the emoji button in the text box. WhatsApp now features a new bottom bar that lets you choose between emoji and GIF. After selecting the GIF option, you can choose the GIF according to your requirement or search through Giphy.

Other Changes

WhatsApp has not only added the GIF search feature but, has also increased the media sharing limit to 30. Previously, users could only send 10 images or videos at a time.

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For using the new feature and improved media sharing limit, the user needs to have 2.17.6 beta version. If you want, you can enroll yourself in the WhatsApp for Android beta through Google Play Store.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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