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Microsoft Teams Added To Office 365 Suite Of Productivity Apps

We all have heard about Microsoft Office 365, featuring the entire Office suite of programs. Today, Microsoft has unveiled a chat based workspace called Microsoft Teams, where it’s easier to interact and connect to office bearers and members for achievement of desired goals.

Microsoft Teams work on a cloud based mechanism which helps people to work together from different ends of the world with all the data in hand.

Microsoft has focused the needs of working people. Office 365 is designed to provide its users with multiple applications which will help them to work in their own diversified manner.

What You Get With Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Lync Online
  • Office 2010 Professional Plus
  • Office 365 Admin Panel

Microsoft Office 365

These are the additions to Microsoft Office 365. These all play different roles and work individually as a platform for people working with different ways of processes and objectives.

Microsoft Exchange Online is a messenger hosted application that provides organizations with exchange server access, which includes emails, contacts, calendars for any connected devices.

Microsoft SharePoint Online gives you cloud storage where you can store files up to 5 TB and can have access to them at anytime from anywhere. With Microsoft SharePoint Online, you can even work with your project partner sharing the same documents at the same time.

Microsoft Lync Online includes intant messaging presence, and PC-audio, video, Web conferencing and screen sharing.

Office Professional Plus includes word, excel, power-point and outlook.

Office 365 Admin Panel is a platform of access for the administrator who can manage all the accounts and manage all the online services.

Microsoft Teams

And now Microsoft Teams has also been added to make the package a one stop shop. It is a chat based workspace which enables scattered as well as collaborated businesses to work together with the help of common workspace, team chat, one-on-one chat, document collaboration and more.

With Microsoft Teams on board, you can have a record of your conversations and can search almost anything that you have talked about.

It also offers customized interface for particular needs:

  1. Create channels to organize conversations by topic
  2. Customize channels with Tabs
  3. Tabs provides quick access to frequently used documents and cloud services
  4. Supports the same Connector model as Exchange to bring notifications and updates from some social media platforms

If you somewhere feel worried with what type of security is taking care of all the stuff you are going to store, then you must know that your data is encrypted and guarded by transparent operational model which is not accessible to third party if it’s not the uploader themselves

Microsoft Teams is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and web platforms.