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New Nokia 3310, 4 Things That Should Not Change, 3 Things That Should

It’s not hidden that HMD Global is re-launching the Nokia 3310. This used to be one of the most tough and durable Nokia phones ever made. HMD Global will be relaunching this device at MWC 2017, Barcelona later in this month. Believing the sources the upcoming Nokia 3310 will feature a 1.5-inch screen with support for 256K colors, a rear camera, support for FM radio, 8GB on-board storage, micro-USB port, and a 1650mAh battery.

Nokia may also announce few other devices like the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and the Nokia 3, along with this phone at MWC launch event. Since it has been so long since this device was introduced first, there are certain aspects that may have to be changed. However there are few things which we like to remain unchanged, and which makes this device so special. We have compiled a list of things we feel that shouldn’t change and few other things which should be changed.

Things That Should Not Change In The New Nokia 3310

Build Quality

The first point has to be the build quality because this is one the biggest factor of being this device so popular. People still love this device for its rock solid build and durability. This device is made in such a way that it can easily survive minor accidental drops, rough usage, and harsh climates even though it’s made out of just plastic. Actually it’s main body is enclosed inside two super tough plastic bodies, so if you drop it accidentally the two plastic body get detached from the main body hence the main body is unaffected by such minor drops.

On most occasions, it can even survive major and harsh drops. In the worst case, display may get cracked but there is still a good chance that the phone will be still in working condition. You just can’t doubt its super durable build quality and we expect this same build quality on the new Nokia 3310.

Battery Life

Second point has to be the battery life. This device has got super impressive battery life. One of the factors why people used to like this phone was its amazing battery. The key reason for such an amazing battery life was its monochrome LCD display which consumes very less battery life. However we don’t expect a monochrome LCD display on the new Nokia 3310 but we expect it to be small and battery friendly. The new display is definitely going to be color display but its size should be small which should help with the battery life.

Speaker Quality

The next thing which was great on Nokia 3310 was its pretty loud speaker. Though it features only a mono speaker but again it’s adequately loud and can be even heard even from a good distance. Today’s smartphones also come with pretty decent speakers but again they aren’t very loud and sometimes we end up missing some calls.

So Nokia 3310 feature this very loud speaker which ensures that you never miss any call when the phone is ringing which is a really nice thing. So again with the new Nokia 3310 we want it to come with a similar quality loudspeaker.


The last thing is its durability. No doubt that Nokia 3310 is excellently made device which make its super durable. We get such durability due to its amazing build quality and the way this device is made. This phone is assembled in such a way that this can survive any minor accidental drops, rough usage, harsh climate condition. Even if you drop it from a good height, there will just be just few minor marks or scratches. We expect the same durability from the new Nokia 3310.

3 Things That Should Be Changed


Next thing would be a color display. However the old one featured monochrome display which was good considering the battery life but it’s not so practical these days. So the new Nokia 3310 should come with a color display which we have seen on basic Nokia handsets. These display are good enough for day to day usage and are also light on batteries. So a decent color display would be a good thing to see.


Well we all live in an era where every other person loves to clicks selfies. However the old Nokia 3310 didn’t had any camera on the back or the front but we expect the new one to have a pair of decent cameras. Even the budget phones in today’s date comes with front camera so it will be really nice to see a front camera on this new phone.

Sleek Build

Last thing we would like to see is a slim form factor. The old Nokia 3310 was pretty light in weight but was bit bulky and thick. So a new Nokia 3310 with the same form factor but slim in thickness will be really nice to see. It will be comfortable to hold and will also be a bit more good looking.

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