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These 5 Things Can Make Nokia 3310 The King Of Feature Phones In India

After a series of unwarranted rumors and leaks, Nokia finally clawed its way back into the smartphone market by launching four phones at this year’s Mobile World  Congress (MWC) 2017. While three of them are smartphones running on Android OS, the other phone is a feature phone. It is a modern avatar of iconic Nokia 3310. Nokia launched this phone in a bid to exploit the customer’s nostalgia for old Nokia 3310. Unsurprisingly, it worked, and it received the same attention and coverage similar to a new iPhone or Android flagship launch. In this article, I will decipher whether it can trounce the current feature phones to become the champion of feature phones market or not.

Things that can make Nokia 3310 king of feature phones in India

Before jumping to a conclusion, let use see what are the prominent reasons that may drive the sales of the new Nokia 3310.


Nokia 3310

Unlike other feature phones in the market, the design language on Nokia 3310 is quite refreshing. The curved body makes it a perfect fit in hand. Buttons are perfectly placed; thus, typing on this phone is a breeze. The build quality is top notch; however, we are unsure whether it can show similar resistance to drops as its predecessor or not. In a nutshell, there are hardly any shortcomings in the design of Nokia 3310.

New Snake Game

Well, I believe most of us ardently played the snake game on old Nokia 3310. Nokia revamped the game by improving aesthetics of it. Also, improved screen quality further enriches the playing experience. However, don’t expect out of the bound graphics.

Battery Life

The new Nokia 3310 comes with a big 1200 mAh battery for its size. Nokia claims that it offers 22 hours of talk time and 31 days of standby. Considering 2.5 hours of talk time and 260 hours of standby on old Nokia 3310, it is a giant leap that will be one of the USPs for the phone.

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Nokia Nostalgia

People have been longing for a reliable Nokia phone for over six years. When Nokia phones released in China, they got sold out in a matter of few seconds. Therefore, you can expect an overwhelming response for Nokia phones in India too-especially for ultra cheap Nokia 3310.

Different Color Options

It will be launched in four color variants: Black, Red, Grey, and Yellow. This is something you don’t see with other feature phones. You can pick a color of your liking and flaunt it with a pride of using the Nokia 3310 again.

There are other features like support for microSD card, refined OS, and LED flash that may bolster the sales of the phone. On the flip side, support for only 2G bands, small 16MB internal storage, and relatively high cost may play the spoilsport. We have to wait and see which of the above reasons will have a significant impact on the sales.

By examining the current market trends, the chances of new Nokia 3310 besting the records set by the iconic old model are bleak. Do you think it can repeat the magic?


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