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Super Mario Run Starts Rolling Out For Android, iOS Version Gets New Features

It was confirmed by Nintendo that Super Mario Run will be soon available for the Android users and staying true to its words, the game has started rolling out for the Android users. Super Mario Run is now available in a number of countries along with India. The game is released as version 2.0 for the Android users while the iOS version has received an update to add the new features.

The new features of the game include different colored Yoshis – Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Green. A user can also play Toad Rally with Yoshi to get more Toads of the same color. In addition to this, the new version also comes with a variety of bowser challenges and a user can unlock the previously locked doors 1-4 where one can do battle with bowser. In the next update, a new set of building will be added in the game as confirmed by the company.

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For iOS users, the first four levels of the game are free and for every new level, the user needs to purchase it for $9.99 (Rs 620 approximately). In Android the unlock costs Rs. 800.

Highlights of Super Mario Run

  1. World Tour: Rescue Princess Peach from Browser’s clutches while running and jumping in style. The route includes plain, caverns, haunted houses, castles, airships and more.
  2. Toad Rally: Flaunt the Mario’s stylish moves, compete against your friends and challenge people across the globe.
  3. Kingdom Builder:  Collect coins and build your own unique kingdom
  4. Range Of Characters: After completing the course 6-4 to rescue Peach, and build homes for Luigi, Yoshi and  Toadette in Kingdom Builder, a user can get them to be your playable characters for next adventures.
  5. New Courses In Toad Rally: The available courses in Toad Rally further get new addition to improve the fun and thrill of the game, The new courses will also include Purple and Yellow Toads that will cheer for you.

    So, if you have still not downloaded the game then check the play store for the latest version.

Download the game from here.


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