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Telegram Gets Voice Calling Support With Emoji Security

Telegram has been emerging as a very good alternative to WhatsApp, especially for those users who like WhatsApp’s simplicity but miss some extra features and a decent desktop application. With the latest update, Telegram has finally rolled out the Voice calls in Western Europe. After this, the rest of the markets will be soon offered with this service. Though Voice Call interface is familiar and easy to use, but, a host of features are added under the pool of Telegram.

Security Measures

Telegram Calls

Telegram Calls are secured similar to the Telegram’s Secret Chat, which is backed with end-to-end encryption. Further, to make the calls secured, the caller and the recipient have to just remember four emoji over the phone. This eliminates the burden of remembering lengthy passwords or complicated pictures.


Telegram Calls

Telegram has ensured that whenever a user makes a call it will go over a peer-to-peer connection which is done by using best codecs to save traffic along with providing clear quality. In case, if a peer-to-peer connection is not established then Telegram will try to establish the call through closest server. This will help in making calls faster. To make the difference, Telegram uses distributed infrastructure across the globe which was previously used for texts and now it will be also used for calls. Telegram is also working to expand its roots across the globe to make the calls at lightning speed even in the remote areas.

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When a user makes a call through Telegram, a neural network learns from the user and device’s feedback. But, it will only have the information about speed, ping times, packet loss percentage,etc and no information about the call will be captured. The machine optimizes a dozen of parameters which is based on the inputs received from the neural network and improves the future calls on the particular device and network.

These parameters can be also adjusted during a conversation if there is a change in the connection. Telegram’s functionality will adapt and provide excellent sound quality on stable WiFi – or use less data when you are in a data with bad reception. The company has already made the calls quality on the par but, with the use of the service over time, the AI will further improve the quality.

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Telegram gives you an option of controlling the users who can or can’t call you. By switching voice calls off altogether, a user can block anyone and everyone from calling you. Also, Telegram adapt to the speed and type of connection a user is nearby and uses least data possible. A user can also reduce the data usage by compromising on the voice quality up to 25- 30%.


On iOS, the users will get a Calls tab on right away from the recent calls section in settings while the Android users can access via the pull-out main menu on the left. If you are among the lot who does not use voice calls, the v.3.18 helps in improving the quality of videos. This is the first time where a user can also preview the message and see how it will look in front of the recipient.

Let’s see how the Telegram calls will compete against the existing calling apps and attract users.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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