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Samsung Galaxy S8 Not Compatible With Google Daydream

A bad news for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 users. Though Samsung Galaxy S8 exceeds the requirements for Google’s VR platform, the smartphone gives an error message when a user tends to install Google Daydream. It has been identified that a compatible version of Google Daydream is currently not available for the Samsung Galaxy S8. But, the Korean manufacturer will not let the problem persist for long and we can soon expect the compatibility issues to be fixed.

Google Daydream


The Galaxy S8 is one of the most potent smartphones currently offered in the market which can offer a competent VR experience. The phone comes preloaded with a trigger button to install the biggest mobile VR platform on the planet – the Oculus-powered Gear VR. Though Google Daydream offers more features than the Gear VR, the error in installation might create hindrance in the user experience. Currently, with Daydream, a user can access Google Play and YouTupe app, this is not possible with Gear VR.

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Also, the consumers who are looking to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S8 might already have the Daydream headset. The existing users can also install the Daydream by adding a single line in of the system permissions file. Accessing the system permission file requires root access and this not available in the Galaxy S8 yet. Google also allows adding this line of code to phones that meet Daydream specs. So, either the users have to wait or they can add the code of line if they are too eager to use the Daydream on their S8 whose sales will begin from April 21st in the US.


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