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Exclusive Interview, Sachin Tendulkar At GTU, About New SRT Phone

We have been talking about technology, gadgets, and upcoming innovations for a while now. But, it is our immense pleasure that we have been able to get connected to the “God Of Cricket” and get his views on one of the upcoming smartphones that is very close to none other than Sachin Tendulkar himself.

In our limited time with the Little Master, we were able to talk about how the brand which is coming up with a smartphone related to Sachin Tendulkar is close to him and what is the main idea of bringing the smartphone in the Indian market.

Here is the first question that we have asked to the Little Master.

Question: What Sachin likes in SRT Phone?

Answer: Sachin's answer: “The upcoming smartphone is a kind of celebration that we are coming up for all my fans who have supported me in my 25 years of the journey and still backing me up. Me and Mahesh’s team were discussing how to say a big thank you to all the fans who have joined me on my journey and we came up with an idea to create something for themselves.”

“The phone carrying my photograph is not just what is special about the upcoming product but, the performance is more important. In the end, the users will be using the smartphones and it is the capabilities of the phone, which will make it a stand apart from the other products in the market. This is the area where the team has really put up things in an effective manner.”

Question: Will you be using the SRT Smartphone in future?

Answer: “I have been using this phone for a while and will continue to use it in near future as well. As I am backing the team of this smartphone, I am pretty sure to continue using it. When I met the team and heard about the vision, I was really impressed to know that someone is working to change the current trend in the market. Where most of the techies are working for foreign companies and selling the smartphones in Indian market there is someone who is working in India and coming up with a product which will compete against the other foreign smartphones.”

Question: What is the most exciting part about your association with Smartron?

Answer: “There are so many exciting things about my association. One of the game changers is the unlimited storage that the upcoming smartphone offers. The company has their own cloud and you don't have to worry after you complete your 64GB storage of the phone as you have a backup which is solid and strong. For me, this is the game changer as you keep upgrading your gadgets timely and you need to transfer the data in your new gadgets. When you have a backup then the transition becomes easy and smooth.”

Question: What is the role you have played in the evolution of the smartphone?

Answer: “I was involved with the team from the starting. We have planned what are the shots that people remember, we shortlisted those shots and have selected what will look good and what will not look good on the phone. So, I have been a part of the phone in the complete journey in the designing of the smartphone. I hope when people select this phone they really enjoy it.”

Question: Why youngsters should look towards the upcoming smartphone? 

Answer: “I think it is the experience of the phone. It is not important to sell the phone but, what happens after, matters and we have focused on that. I am not expert in the field and I don't want to convince anyone to grab this phone. It is like Mahesh's team suggesting me how to play cricket but, in the end, it is on me how to play the cricketing shots. Similarly, this is on Mahesh's team how they want to market the phone and pitch customers. I have been pleased with the experience of the phone so far, and I think this is the thing that will drive the people to buy this phone. Nobody has to go out and say please buy this phone.”

Question: Would you like to say anything to our subscribers?

Answer: “I would like to say, in cricketing term, we say if you got 50, we would say double it up. So, 5 lakhs already achieved and now, double it up.”

So, this was our small conversation with the Master Blaster about the upcoming SRT smartphone which is going to be launched on May 3. Let us know about your views on the interview in the comment section and stay tuned to Gadgetstouse for the latest updates on the upcoming smartphone.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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