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Xiaomi India Announces E-waste Takeback And Recycling Program

In order to promote the green initiative, Xiaomi India has announced its new recycling program. Xiaomi has taken the initiative of e-waste takeback & recycling service for End of life products that adheres to the E-waste (Management ) Rules, 2016. The rules were announced by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India.

In order to be responsible towards the environment, the company has taken the pledge to recycle electronic items which include mobiles, power banks, speakers, and headphones.

When an electronic products achieves its end of life, the company will take it back and recycle it. To make this program successful, TES-AMM India is offering e-waste management solutions. The program includes only those products which have reached their end of life cycle and become operation less. The program does not include any kind of assurance to the damaged/faulty products whether it is repair or exchanges.

To make the aim of this program clear to the audience, here are few questions answered about the initiative.

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Question: How does the take back program work?

Answer: The user has to fill the e-waste recycling form, which the user will get after logging into their Mi Account. After registering, the company’s authorized e-waste recycler will contact the user and pick up e-waste from the specified location. The user can also drop e-waste at any of the Mi’s service center. The user can also connect to the customer care for further queries.

Question: What products can be recycled through this program?

Answer: Under E-Waste Management & Handling Rules 2016, the company will accept and recycle all mobile phones, power banks, chargers, speakers, headphones and other electronic product range of the company sold in the Indian market. The products can also include products of other manufacturers. Before handling the products to the E-waste team, it is advised that a user should eradicate all the data from the device.

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Question: Will the process be chargeable?

Answer: No, consumers don’t have to pay anything for the process

Question: Can a user get damaged/faulty goods replaced through this program?

Answer: No, the program is only for recycling the products that have reached end of life cycle and non functional. This program will not support any sort of repairs, and exchange

Question: Will the user get any monetary benefit of giving the unused products in this takeback and recycling program?

Answer: The user will get a coupon worth Rs. 100 for every pickup request will be added to the registered Mi account after the device is picked from the specified location. The discount coupon will be applicable on minimum purchase value of Rs. 1000 and that too on accessories only. The discount coupons will be provided to those customers only who will provide a complete device and not just spare parts or other products. The customers will get the coupon within 14 days of the pickup date. In addition, Xiaomii India shall reserve the right to issue or reject the coupons at its sole discretion.

Question: How long it will take to collect the products?

Answer: Xiaomi India’s authorized recycler will contact the user within 7 days. The requested products will be collected within 15 days of raising the request. The collection time will also depend on the area of the user. If the products are not collected within 15 days, the user can contact the authorized e-waste recycler of the company or email at [email protected]

This is a good initiative taken by Xiaomi, which should be adopted by other manufacturers as well. So, join the initiative started by the Xiaomi and conserve the environment in an effective manner.