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Nokia 3310 Launched In India For Rs. 3,310 – Is It Worth It?

After introducing the legendary handset at the MWC 2017, Nokia India has recently launched the 3310 in the country at an interesting price. Priced at Rs. 3,310, the phone does have decent upgradations but, in an era where features and performance matter a lot, there are few areas where the legend might not able to compete with the other smartphones available in the same price range.

So, let’s find out whether is it worth for you to spend Rs. 3,310 for the new Nokia 3310 or opting a decent touch smartphone is a wise decision.


Let’s start with the factors that make the all-new Nokia 3310 a significant phone in the particular price range.

Nokia 3310 Pros

New Impressive Design

Nokia 3310

Before Apple’s dominance across the globe, Nokia managed to hold its market leader position with its legendary 3310. One of the key reasons was its simple yet appealing design for a large set of users. Nokia 3310 followed thumb rules for catering to the needs of the users rather than focusing on making them force to adopt new practices.

While there are many who consider touchscreen displays as a standard requirement of their phone but, there are still many who prefer minimalist screen, little content to remember complicated route through menus, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly easy to fit in the pocket. Fortunately, the all-new Nokia 3310 has continued to feature all these factors along with improved appeal.

Battery Life

Previously the Nokia 3310 was offered with 900mAh battery, which used to give ample life to its users. The current model is upgraded to a 1200mAh battery which will further improve the standby time maximum up to 31 days. So, for the ones who need a powerful battery backup, Nokia 3310 will definitely not disappoint its users.

Dependable Phone

The Nokia 3310 not only provides a long lasting battery life but, it is also a robust phone for which you don’t have to care much. Unlike current generation touchscreen phones that are delicate and are prone to various hazards on a day to day life. One of the highest selling smartphones, the iPhone 6 Plus was reported to bend in people’s pocket which will not be a case with your chunky Nokia 3310.

Great For Backup

For the people who love to carry two phones, especially one for emergencies, Nokia 3310 will be your perfect companion. There are users who use one smartphone for rigorous calling whole day and other device for performing other tasks. For such users, Nokia 3310 is a significant option as it provides talk time up to around 430 hours.

Love For Nokia

If you are among that lot, which prefers brand over the phone and you were a die hard fan of Nokia then here is your chance to grab your favorite device once again. Also, Nokia 3310 was one of the most popular mobiles in the world with a record of 126 million units sold across the globe. A user claimed that the old 3310 is still working fine since 17 years. So, durability is never a question for the Nokia 3310. The same can be expected from the all-new Nokia 3310.

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Now let’s consider some of the important features that are missing from the all-new Nokia 3310 and might force a user to opt an alternative.

Nokia 3310 Cons

No 3G

Imagining a phone without high-speed internet looks difficult for any user. Nokia has missed focusing on this very important aspect. The phone does not support 3G and you have to cater to your internet needs with just 2G speed.

No 4G

With neither 3G, nor 4G, the Nokia 3310 is lacking in providing high-speed internet. In India, where 4G is getting immense promotion through telecom services provider’s war, the phone would have received immediate attention with 4G VoLTE support.

No Front Camera

Nokia 3310


In a time where most of the manufacturers are promoting their smartphones with front camera capabilities. Introducing a phone without a front camera is not a wise decision. Nokia should have considered the latest features and technologies along with bringing the classic aspects of the phone with its re-launch.

Little Storage

The new Nokia 3310 offers 16MB internal storage only, which means you cannot do anything additional with the phone if you don’t put a microSD card. With a microSD, you can extend the storage up to 32GB. In an age where 16GB storage is also considered low storage, introducing the phone with 16MB is seriously a questionable step. In this price segment, you can easily get 8GB internal storage in a range of smartphones.

Older Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 4.0 is standard across a range of smartphones and again, Nokia has put itself one step back from its competitors by backing the phone with Bluetooth 3.0. The Bluetooth 3.0 is not only slower but, also less efficient. So, file transferring will be an issue as the phone does not support high-speed internet nor an efficient Bluetooth.


The Nokia 3310 will appeal to the ones who just want their mobile phones to perform basic functions of a phone and not more than that. The Nokia 3310 is focused towards simple users and for the ones who are too much addicted to their smartphones and need to get a solution. But, for the ones who are looking to get all the standard features of a smartphone that other competitors offer in the same price bracket, this is not the phone to go for.  However, Nokia 3310 fans might buy this phone as an emotional buy rather than an economical or logical decision.


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