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Apple iOS 10.3.2 Update Released For iPhone

Apple has recently released the iOS 10.3.2 software update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The new update is focused towards fixing the bugs, performance and security improvements. The recent update of iOS 10.3.2 follows follows the March release of iOS 10.3 which includes Find My AirPods, CarPlay updates, Apple File System, and more.

The iOS 10.3.1 was also released in early April that also focused towards bug fixes and security improvements and now the company has released the next update with further improvements.

iOS 10.3.2 Update

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The major updates related to the iOS is likely to be released with iOS 11 and Apple is gearing up for the same. The new iOS is expected to be released at the upcoming WWDC 2017 on June 5.

Features of iOS 10.3


  • Share podcasts for inline Messages playback: When you open the Podcasts app, you will see the option of share episode in the share sheet through which you can share the episode through messages. The recipient will be able to playback the message within the app inline.
  • Podcast Widget: There is a new widget for Podcast similar to Music app and when you long press the Podcast widget, you will be able to see the recently played episodes and new searches. You can also view the Podcast widget in the notification center from which you can quickly play the episodes just like the music app.
  • Rent Once, Watch Anywhere: With this new feature, you can rent any movie from the iCloud on any device and then watch it on any of your other connected devices. You don’t have to rent separately for your other devices. But, you need to be running the latest version of the software to utilize the feature.
  • 32-bit App Warning: With this new feature, both the developers and users will be notified about any app which is not 64-bit compatible and will not be supported for future updates.
  • Weather Data in Maps is Backed With 3D Touch Forecast: When you will zoom in within the Map, you will see a temperature icon and when you will 3D touch it, you will be prompted to weather app and you can add your locations to the list.
  • Updated Spotlight Search History Cells: The updated spotlight search is now fast and looks nicer than the previous version.
  • Updated Settings App: Even the setting app is updated in the iOS 10.3 where you can see an icon with your profile information. The information like name, email address, password, payment, iCloud and all your Apple devices can be seen from the app. If you click on the iCloud, you will be able to see a little-colored graph which depicts your usage. You can also manage all your connected devices and can remove from the list if you wish to.
  • Rapid Switch In Apple CarPlay: You get a quick switcher in the status bar, which allows you to switch between apps rapidly. CarPlay music also gets the ability to navigate between artists. You can also see the up next track from the up next tab in the CarPlay.
  • IPL & ICC Updates: With the latest update a user can now get current score updates of Indian Premier League and ICC matches by asking SIRI. The particular feature is specifically for Indian consumers and a wide range of users will appreciate it.
  • Improvements In App Store Reviews: A user can easily see a review and by making a 3D touch, an individual gets an option to select whether the review was helpful or not. After submitting your response, you get visual confirmation that is quite pleasing. A user can also submit the review by just clicking on writing a review.
  • Developers Can Respond To Reviews: With the new iOS 10.3.2 update, developers can respond to user reviews and can prompt users within the app to write a review.
  • Customize Home Screen App Icons: A user can select customized app icon for selected apps if keeping the standard icon looks boring.
  • Find My AirPods: Inside Find My iPhone app, you will get an option of finding your iPods as well. You can locate each individual AirPod and you can also emit sound from each individual AirPod to locate them in an effective manner.
  • iPhone Analytics: Through this, the data collected will be used to improve the Apple products with special focus on Siri and other related products. The data collected will not reveal the information about the user.
  • APFS: While installing iOS 10.3.2, the update will take a little longer as the old HPFS files are now converted to APFS files which are more suitable for iCloud storage.
  • Updated Classroom App: With the recent update, a user can access to the updated Classroom app in which you can setup a manual classroom and the students near you can join according to their feasibility. You can also update the manual for the whole class and publish with just a click of a button.
  • Updated Apple TV Remote App: The updated Apple TV Remote app is now supported on iPad and now you can view the lyrics of the song along with managing the playlist through the app.

These are the updates associated with the latest iOS 10.3.2 update. Let us know which feature surprised you and which one needs improvement in the comment section.



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