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LG V30 Render Reveals Secondary Slide Out Display

Smartphone manufacturer LG is expected to launch its new flagship smartphone, the LG V30 this year in September. This high end smartphone will be directly competing with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 Plus. Since every smartphone manufacturer is trying to do something innovative with the display, LG V30 is no exception.

We have already seen the nearly bezel-less display on devices like Mi MIX, LG G6, Galaxy S8. As per its renders, the LG V30 will feature a secondary slide out display hence taking it to another level.

The rendered images reveal a primary screen and a secondary display. The image shows that the upper part which seems like the primary display can slide up to an extent hence revealing the secondary display beneath it. However it’s not very clear if the LG V30 is actually going to have this slide out secondary display or not as there is no official confirmation yet. Also it may feature an OLED display instead of LCD display.

The rendered images show that the secondary display can slide down and hence can provide many functionalities and shortcuts. The secondary display can be used as keyboard, google search results, clipboard, navigation controls and shortcut to several apps. The secondary display will make the device much more functional in terms of touch input. It shows the time and weather information when it’s in normal position. It also seems like a always on display.

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It’s also expected that LG V30 will be a ‘Daydream-ready’ smartphone. Since it will be a Daydream ready smartphone it will also work with Google’s VR platform. This smartphone is also expected to run on the upcoming “Android O” operating system. It must be remembered that nothing is confirmed at this point and this is all on the basis of rendered images. However it will be interesting to see what the new LG V30 brings with it.