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A Look Into Uber’s Inner World Of Engineering

Today, Uber hosted a meetup at Delhi where they spoke about what actually happens when users “push a button” to get a safe, reliable and affordable ride.

Uber Technologies Inc., a transportation network company headquartered at San Francisco, California is one of the leading cab aggregator. It also delivers food under Uber Eats. Earlier this month, Uber Eats was launched in India at an event in Mumbai. For now, Uber Eats will be operational in Mumbai only.

Today, Uber showcased its technological front to the world as how they are handling all the major challenges in India through their dedicated and exclusive Technology center at Bangalore.

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Uber is aimed at reliable transportation for everyone and everywhere and so the stats speak about their success so far. Currently Uber is present in 70 countries, 450+ cities, with 1.5 million+ active driver partners and 40 million+ active riders.

During the event it was rightly quoted by Mr. Vinay Ramani, Head, Global Growth, Uber that India is an important market place and at the same time it is also different from other countries.

He also added that Uber’s major competitors are the challenges found in the marketplace of India which Uber is dedicated to solve using technology.

Uber focuses on 3 major parameters for both partner drivers and riders. Firstly JOIN under which it’s an opportunity for the driver and access for the customer. Secondly it’s WORK for the driver while creating a delightful, productive and honest atmosphere and RIDE for the customer to get his time back with a easy to use experience.

Third is the LOVE where driver shares sense of belonging and pride to work and a rider shares part of his life with safe and reliable experience.

In order to achieve the above 3 points, technology is going to play a critical part. And for this reason there is a dedicated and independent Technology Center for Uber India in Bengaluru. The Technology center will be focused on various data analytics, artificial intelligence, etc. to further improve the riding experience in India.

For instance Uber is trying to put sensors in the cabs which can send the data to the servers and this will be independent from the cab driver’s mobile. So even if the mobile goes off data is collected at the database.


This will help Uber in providing the drivers with timely servicing and repair suggestions for the cabs. Also through artificial intelligence they will be able to predict regarding which part requires maintenance. Moreover as the odometer data is also collected it will help in setting up a fare settlement process for the rides.

On the whole a good initiative by Uber as to showcase the challenges they are experiencing in Indian market and how they are going to solve most of them through technological advancements. Also Uber might come with Rider Community where uber riders can share the feedbacks on overall improvements rather than just for a single ride.


Tarang Gupta

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