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TRAI Launches TRAI MyCall App, Allows Users To Rate Call Quality

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, also known as TRAI has launched a new application to track the call quality of different operators.

The application will allow users to rate the call quality and also asks them whether they were Indoor, Outdoor or Travelling. If the user wants, they can also give additional information describing the call quality.

“The application will help mobile phone users rate their experience about voice call quality in real-time and help Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) gather customer experience data along with network data,” Trai said in a statement.

After a call ends, a pop up will appear, asking the user to rate the call quality out of five stars, their location and any additional information about the call that they would like to share.


The user can go to My Data option and view the average rating for Indoor, Outdoor, Travelling and also the overall average rating. In the long term, this will allow the user to know how their service provider is performing.


To make it more user friendly, the app comes with various settings. The first is the ability to change the rating icon between a Star, a Smiley and a Labelled Star. Next, you can set the frequency setting of the pop ups. You can set it to pop up after every call, after every 10 calls, 5 calls, 3 calls and never. Next, you can select the sync settings. The options are Wifi only, Mobile Data and any.


Abhinav Singh

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