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Facebook Messenger Ads Now Rolling Out Globally, Still In Beta

Facebook is now starting to roll out home screen Messenger ads worldwide. After a limited beta testing in Thailand and Australia, the company has decided to roll out the advertising feature for all.

The ads won’t be shown in chat boxes, instead, they will exist in the main tab between chat threads. Messenger ads will be coming to the app initially at a slow rate, starting with some of the users in the US over the coming weeks.

Facebook says that more than 1.2 billion people use the Messenger app every month and this will allow marketers to expand the reach of their ad campaigns. Marketers will be able to buy Messenger ads and the News Feed and Instagram ads as well in Facebook’s ad manager.

Types of Ads in Messenger

Messenger Ads

These ads will be found in the home tab of Messenger. When users click on an ad, they will be sent to the advertiser’s website or a Messenger conversation with the advertiser.

Click to Messenger Ads

These type of ads may appear in the Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram or Messenger itself. But clicking on these will take people to a conversation with the advertiser on Messenger.

Sponsored Messages

These will be the messages shown in messenger. It allows businesses to re-engage with people who have already been in a conversation with them.

The social networking giant excels very much in online advertising and it is company’s main revenue model. Facebook has been working to diversify its business model as it expands into new areas, but advertising is still going to be the vast source of revenues. So, in this case, Messenger ads are expected to help the company in its business.

Michiel Tops, General Manager of Marketing and Communications, Australian department store David Jones said,

“Messenger ads have been a powerful addition to our digital advertising campaigns, helping us reach our customers where they are already active and engaged. And thanks to placement optimisation across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and now Messenger, we’re able to continue to optimise our advertising spend and further drive business results.”


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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