Google Backup and Sync

Google today launched a new desktop app for Windows and Mac that backs up files and photos safely in Google Drive and Google Photos. The Backup and Sync is quicker, simple to use, and users can backup the files and photos on their computer in a more reliable way.

Google introduced the tool on Wednesday in a blog post after announcing it last month. This new tool replaces the existing Google Photos desktop app and Google Drive for Windows PC and Mac.

Basically, this new tool is a combination of the functionality of both the older apps. So, users don’t have to use two different software tools for the very similar purpose of backing up files from the computer to Google’s cloud.

How To Use Google Backup and Sync

Backup and Sync offers a simple user interface. After signing in to your Google account, it backs up files and photos in Google Drive and Google Photos, simply just by choosing the file folder. ‘’Just choose the folders you want to backup, and we’ll take care of the rest’’ reads the Google’s blog.

Google Backup and Sync

Apart from backing up files from your desktop, the new app can also be used to backup files and photos from other devices, such as cameras and SD cards. After the backing up, you can access the files in Google Drive and photos, videos in Google Photos from any device including your phone or tablet.

This new software to protect files is primarily available for consumer users. For business users, a G Suite focused solution called ‘Drive File Stream’ is supposed to come out later this year. Until then G Suite users are recommended to keep using Google Drive.

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It can be a tough task to many of us to backup all the important data in a safe, organized manner. So, by introducing Backup and Sync Google has done a great favor to its users.

Backup and Sync app is available for download through Google Drive and Google Photos.