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Amazon Reportedly Working On A New Messaging App Called Anytime

Images have surfaced about Amazon’s new ‘Anytime’ messaging service. The images appear to be promotional material showcasing the Anytime app. It is reported to be an end-user Instant messaging application.

The reported images show features like group connectivity, video and voice calls, cross-platform sync and so forth, AFTVnews reported.

Amazon had earlier unveiled Chime, their communication solution for businesses. Chime provides services like Encrypted conversations, chats, calls, screen sharing and much more for business purposes. Anytime, on the other hand, seems to be a more mainstream messaging app for end users.

Features of Amazon Anytime

Amazon 'Anytime' app features

Amazon ‘Anytime’ app features. Credits: AFTVNews

According to reports, Amazon’s Anytime is an instant messaging service that can do lot more. It can encrypt messages, may have Filters for images and videos, color-coding and nick-name features for your contacts.

Moreover, the report states that Anytime will work across platforms so you have access to all your chats, irrespective of the device. This feature is similar to Amazon’s Chime service, which stores data online securely.

What may make Anytime more fun, is that it may also enable you to order food, split bills with friends and shop online. A mentions feature is also highlighted in the reported image, which may work similar to WhatsApp’s group tagging feature.

One highlight of the Anytime app can be the ease of finding friends just by their names. This is not clear how it will work without contact numbers. It may integrate with existing social media accounts to keep a track of your contacts.

Earlier, Amazon also unveiled free messaging, voice and video calling abilities through Alexa on app and Echo devices.


The instant messaging apps today are not limited to messaging. We earlier reported about WhatsApp working to integrate UPI and become a mobile wallet. Amazon’s ‘Anytime’ may just fill the void by integrating gaming, shopping, and connectivity on one platform.

Amazon has the resources and backend strength to pull this off, so Anytime may be the next big hit from the e-commerce giant.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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