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iPhone 8 Design, FaceID Confirmed From Apple HomePod’s Firmware Code

The Apple HomePod firmware has reportedly leaked some key specs of the upcoming iPhone 8. The reports say that the Siri powered Apple HomePod’s firmware release has confirmed FaceID and the front design of the iPhone 8.

Apple recently released the first build of the upcoming HomePod’s firmware. Recently after the release, developer Steve Troughton Smith has pointed out codes in the firmware, confirming iPhone 8’s Facial Recognition (FaceID) and front design.

iPhone 8 Design Leaks

Apart from the Infrared camera and FaceID code, the HomePod’s firmware also has hidden images of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 leaked design

An image saved as a Core Animation Archive File is found hidden in the HomePod’s firmware code. Although its discoverer Steve T. Smith is not sure about the authenticity of the image, it was stored on the same framework that handles Apple Pay authentication.

The image shows the iPhone 8 with a bezelless form factor. Wrapping the screen around the top and bottom of the device. This may be an accurate Form-factor of the iPhone 8. On the other hand, we never know if this is a confirmed design or the first wave of renders.

Also, the iPhone 8 is codenamed D22 under the discovered code. We can anticipate the iPhone 8 to be a big one for Apple. It is the 10th Anniversary edition so new features and even the minute cosmetic features matter for this one, so let’s wait for the iPhone 8 to unveil soon.

FaceID On The iPhone 8?

The images recently tweeted by developer Steve Troughton Smith confirm the presence of FaceID on one of the upcoming iPhone 8 models. Thanks to HomePod’s firmware code, Steve discovered the line ‘BKFaceDetect’. Here, we can say that BK refers to Biometric Kit (which is also responsible for TouchID on the iPhone).

The discovery points at the presence of an Infra-red camera on the iPhone 8 to unlock using Facial Recognition. In terms of security, the code seemed to be pretty tight. The accidentally leaked FaceID code features checks against images of a face or 3D models of a face, making it more secure.

Facial Recognition or FaceID is labeled under Project Pearl ID. Since it is widely expected to come on the next gen iPhones, we can say these reports are accurate and we may see an improvised version of FaceID on the iPhone 8.


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