Google Allo For Web Now Available, Pairs With Android Devices Only For Now

Google’s messaging app Allo is now available on the desktop. The app can be accessed on the web but can only be connected through Android devices for now. Google says iPhone support is coming soon.

Google Allo users need to update the latest Android version of the app before using it on the web. You can access it on the web but only till it is connected with your Android phone. So, if you disconnect on your mobile, Allo on the web won’t work. Also, some features of the app will be available on mobile only.

Allo has received many updates so far, this year such as the most recent ‘Like’ reaction button which is similar to that of Facebook Messenger. Along with it, Google had earlier confirmed that Allo will be available in web version soon. Now, the confirmation came from an official tweet from Amit Fulay, Head of Product Google Allo.

How To Use Allo On The Desktop

Follow these steps to get started with Allo on desktop:

  • Open Chrome browser as Allo for web only works on Chrome.
  • Now go to open the link Allo for web.
  • Open Allo app on your Android phone. Also, make sure you have installed the latest version of Allo.
  • Go to Menu and then select ‘Allo for web’ and scan the QR code with your phone. Once done, you will be logged in on Allo on your desktop.

If you face any issues while connecting or cannot scan the code, try adjusting and bringing the scanner closer to the QR code. The QR code is unique on every computer and pairs the mobile app with it.

Also, it is to be noted that Allo for the web will not sign you out of the browser automatically. So, you have to either sign it out from the computer itself or from the mobile app.

Some features of the app are only available on the Allo mobile app:

  • Connecting, switching, or removing Google accounts
  • Adding or removing members from an existing group
  • Backing up your information
  • Notification and privacy settings
  • Some other chat features, like taking a photo, deleting a conversation, blocking contacts, or starting a chat with someone who’s not in your contacts.

Download Google Allo for Android

Download Google Allo for iOS