Google is testing a light version of its Search app called Search Lite for slow internet connections. The app is said to be targeted at the Indonesian and Indian market. The app is currently available in the Play Store in Indonesia.

Google recently showed ads on Facebook in Indonesia inviting users to test the new Search App. Some users also received a link to try the new experimental app from Google, reported Android Police.

The functions of Search Lite are mostly the same as available in Google’s regular cross-platform Search app. It is not clear if the app size is also reduced, but it should technically take less space on your phone when installed. It will also require less RAM to operate.

Google Search Lite Features

Search Lite performs voice and text searches, same as the regular Google Search app. In the Lite app, the search bar is easily accessible on the bottom of the display. It also shows suggested keywords just on top of it when you make a search. You can also switch between a couple of languages by swiping the app’s main page sideways.

Further, you get several icons for quick access to some features along with search. It includes news, images, top sites, translation, weather, cricket scores, movies, songs, and more. Notably, it also comprises the latest feature of Google search that shows shortcuts to features like nearby restaurants, ATMs and more.

You can also personalize the app and remove the features you don’t want on it. You can also change and remove the wallpaper.  The app’s settings also allow you to confine results to use just lite web pages and use its internal browser instead of opening through your device’s default browser.

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Moreover, Google has also been working on a low-data version of Android itself called Android Go. The company announced this at I/O developer’s conference this year. Notably, it is similar to YouTube Go, a light version of its YouTube app, which Google had tested in India.

There are plenty of regions in the world that suffer from slow or spotty internet connections. So, for such regions, the option for a lite version of any app with the more data-saving feature is very useful.

It is also to be mentioned that Facebook also released its popular Messenger ‘Lite’ version for India. These lite apps make things faster and more data-friendly for markets working on slow connections.

Search Lite is still showing as ‘Experimental’. So, it will likely change when it is used by more people and more feedback is collected with time. The app is currently listed on Play Store in Indonesia and also available on APKMirror if you want to give it a try.