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RBI introduces Rs. 200 note with improved security features

The Reserve Bank of India has announced a new Rs. 200 note in India. The newly announced note comes with improved security features and will be released today.

The Rs. 200 note will come with Reserve Bank of India Governor Urjit Patel’s signature below the promise clause. Along with the new security features, the Rs. 200 note has 66mm x 146mm dimensions, which makes it smaller than a Rs. 100 Note.

Why was Rs. 200 note introduced?

Many countries have adopted a variation of Renard Series for their currency system, under which, denominations should be in the ratio of 1:2 or 1:2.5. This means that adjacent denominations should be in the ratio of 1:2 or 1:2.5. Considering this, the Rs. 200 note is the ideal amount in between the Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 note.

So going according to the currency denomination, Rs. 200 denomination was decided to be the missing link between exact currency exchange.

Rs. 200 note appearance

Rs. 200 Note

With a bright yellow base color, symmetrical geometric shapes run on both sides of the new currency note. While a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi is placed on the front side of the note, the back is adorned with a motif of Sanchi Stupa.

On the front of the Rs. 200 note, you will see Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait at the center. A vertical printing of the denomination Rs. 200 is done in Devnagri at the left side of the Note. The right side bears the serial number at the bottom, along with Rs. 200 written on it. The Ashoka Emblem is placed at the right corner of the note.

At the back side of the new Rs. 200 note, you will find a motif of the Sanchi Stupa stretching from center to right side. A geometrical shape says ‘Rs. 200’ on the right edge.

To the left of the new note, you will see a ‘Swacch Bharat’ logo along with the denomination written in words in Hindi. The back side also features the language panel with the denomination amount written in words in various languages.

Improved security features

The new currency notes from RBI come with more security features to make it nearly impossible to replicate or copy these notes. The Rs. 200 note is also packed with multiple security features, which are as follows.

On the side where a portrait of Gandhiji is printed, you will see several security features as well. To the right-side of the portrait, the note has a security thread with ‘भारत’ and RBI inscriptions. The thread changes color from green to blue when you tilt the note.

On the bottom right of the new note, ‘Rs. 200’ is printed in color changing ink which turns from green to blue when tilted. The portrait of Mahatma Gandhi itself is an electrotype with ‘200’ watermark. The serial number of the note also goes from small to a big font.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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