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Google Chrome will soon let you mute websites permanently

Google is making progress in the direction of permanently muting a website till you unmute it again. In Google Chrome Canary browser, you can now mute a website once and for all. Although the feature is still to be confirmed for the stable version of Google Chrome, we have it working on Canary.

So far, on the stable version of Google Chrome, you could mute audio on a tab-by-tab basis. This means if you muted a website opened in a tab, it would stop playing, but when you close the tab and open the same site in a new tab, it would automatically unmute.

Permanent muting on Google Chrome Canary

Permanent Muting on Google Chrome Canary

This is the latest feature that Chrome Canary has just received. Permanent Muting feature can be accessed from inside the ‘Page info’ tab. Using this feature will mute a particular page/URL/website and keep it muted till you unmute it manually.

So far, Chrome has received muting capabilities which work tab-wise. It means you’re not muting a website but a particular tab. With the help of Permanent Muting, you can block annoying pop-up videos on some websites.

What is Google Chrome Canary?

Google Chrome is a browser from Google. Chrome Canary, is an alpha version of Google Chrome. Any updates that come to Chrome are first rigorously tested on Canary.

Google website says that Canary gets updates and changes almost every day, and is subject to crash sometimes. Regardless of this, you can download and use Chrome Canary on your Android devices or your PC.


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