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Microsoft adds SMS Insights to Skype Lite for smart SMS categorization

Microsoft is making SMS reading easier than ever by introducing SMS Insights in Skype Lite. Through SMS Insights, Skype Lite will automatically categorize your messages and let you have a look and respond to important messages, cleverly saving time.

Backed by Machine Learning, SMS Insights on Skype Lite aggregates the relevant information from your SMS messages and presents it at a glance in smart categories. These categories are accompanied by Relevant Action links for a quicker response.

What does SMS Insights mean?

SMS Insights on Skype Lite

SMS Insights is the new feature which is being added to Skype Lite. So far, you could use Skype Lite as your default SMS application, but now it will offer much more than just showing messages. With SMS Insights, Skype Lite will categorize your messages.

By smartly categorizing your SMSs using Machine Learning, SMS Insights on Skype Lite will make sure you don’t miss an important message or information. Considering the amount of spam and promotional messages we receive every day, it is a useful feature.

With SMS Insights, you will be able to Keep a track of your appointments, check your bank and wallet balance, Review and pay bills, check flight and train bookings, and much more. Considering.

Because of locally processed data using machine learning, all your SMS and information remains securely on your phone. Microsoft does not store or read your messages. With this new feature, Microsoft is trying to make SMS reading easier.

You can get SMS insights by downloading Skype Lite on your Android phone and granting it SMS permission. From the in-app settings, you can set Skype Lite as your default SMS application.

About Skype Lite

The SMS Insights feature is a part of Skype Lite, which is a lightweight app for Instant messaging and Voice and video calling. It has a data saver to save data outflow while making Skype calls along with India specific bots for assistance. Skype Lite is available in 11 Indian local languages and can be downloaded here.


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