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Reliance JioPhone FAQ: Everything you need to know

Reliance Jio recently launched its feature phone, dubbed as Jio Phone, ‘India Ka Smartphone’ with its 4G VoLTE connectivity that is being sold free of cost. We have already used the phone and in this post, we are going to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the JioPhone.

The JioPhone runs on KAI OS, a fork of Firefox OS. The JioPhone is effectively available for free as you only have to pay a security deposit of Rs. 1,500 which will be redunded by Reliance Jio after a period of three years. The keyboard on the device is smooth and swift and comes with backlit LEDs, allowing you to use the device easily even at night.

JioPhone FAQ

Question: What is the display size of the JioPhone?

Reliance JioPhone

Answer: The JioPhone comes with a 2.4 inch QVGA TFT display.

Question: Does the JioPhone support WhatsApp?

Answer: At the moment, the device does not feature WhatsApp and even WhatsApp has not confirmed its availability on the JioPhone yet. It is expected that a special version of WhatsApp might be introduced later for the JioPhone.

Question: Can I put any SIM in the JioPhone?

Answer: You can put any Jio SIM in the phone but, not any other operator’s SIM. You can also put a microSD card in the phone to expand the storage, as it comes with only 4GB internal storage.

Question: Can a user use the JioPhone as a hotspot?

Answer: No, at the moment, you cannot use the JioPhone as a hotspot. Howver, you get Wi-Fi functionality in the phone.

Question: Can a user put old Jio SIM cards?

Answer: Yes,  the previously purchased Jio SIM cards can also be used in the JioPhone.

Question: What is the Rs 153 plan?

Answer: In the following plan, you get unlimited voice calls and video calls but you will get only 500 MB data per day. If you want 1GB data per day, you have to upgrade to Rs 309 plan.

Question: What will happen if you will not recharge your phone?

Answer: According to TRAI, if you will not recharge your phone for a period of 90 days then it will become inactive.

Question: What is the image quality of the phone?

Reliance JioPhone

Answer: The phone features a 2MP camera at the rear and a 0.3 MP camera at the front that might not offer a high-class image quality but, it is decent for a phone of this range.

Question: What apps can be used in JioPhone?

Answer: The phone is pre-installed with Narendra Modi’s official app and Jio Store. As of now, there are very few apps that can be installed on the device.

Question: Does the JioPhone feature dual SIM support?

Answer: No, the JioPhone comes with single SIM slot only, which is compatible with Reliance Jio SIMs only.

Question: Does the JioPhone have Bluetooth support?

Answer: Yes, the phone comes with support for Bluetooth.

Question: Does the JioPhone comes with GPS?

Answer: No, the Reliance JioPhone does not come with GPS support.

Question: Which voice assistant does JioPhone have?

Answer: The phone comes with a voice assistant developed by Reliance Jio.

Question: What is the TV dongle and the cable?

Answer: The TV dongle and the cable are accessories of JioPhone. Using this, you can connect your Jio Phone to your TV. First you will have to buy the Jio Phone-TV Cable accessory and Dongle then you can recharge with the Rs. 309 pack for mirroring content from your phone to your TV.

Reliance Jio has claimed that you can watch 3 to 4 hours of videos every day for a month. This accessory will be compatible with all TVs including CRT TVs, so a users will not have to worry about compatibility issues.

Question: What is the processor of the JioPhone?

Answer: The JioPhone is powered by a 1.2GHz SPRD 9820A/QC8905 Dual Core Processor, which is further coupled to a 512 RAM and 4GB internal storage.

So, these were the basic frequently asked questions related to the recently launched JioPhone. Do let us know if you want to know any other information related to the device.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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